10 exciting things to do with kids in Paris

Updated April 2024

10 exciting things to do with kids in Paris

Paris might have an air of elegance and sophistication, but the kids here know how to have a good time so we’ve selected a compilation of some of the most exciting things to do with kids in Paris.

1.ย  The Eiffel Tower

When you first told your child that you were coming to Paris this was no doubt the first image they had in mind (maybe after Disneyland). So it’s a stop that has to be on the list. It’s exciting to come face to face with THE monument of Paris, no France! Climbing the stairs will also be a great way to get a more intimate look at the architecture that went into the tower and ends with a great view.

Eiffel Tower things to do with kids Paris

2. La Parc de la Villette

La Villette is an immense park that offers a music concert hall (Le Zenith), numerous gardens, a science museum, and the incredible new, Paris Philharmonic. For the kids, there are many activities to discover such as multiple playgrounds and the little Villette!ย  The little Villette offers daily free activities as well as seasonal events for children and their families. You will never run out of things to do in this park with your children! To read more on La Parc de la Villette, check out another blog of ours,ย  Things to do in Paris with a toddler – Parc de la Villette!

Little Vilette

3. Natural History Museum – Galerie des enfants

Discover the Galerie des enfants with your family! Whether you have small children or teens, this museum of biodiversity is the place to learn and experience.ย  Full of activities and things to see this museum awaits you as it opens a whole new world and way of thinking to your little ones.

Natural History Museum

4. Le Jardin dโ€™Acclimatation

With its many varieties of experiences and beauty, Le Jardin dโ€™Acclimatation is the perfect place to spend a day with your kids. The many attractions and activities plus numerous routes for strolling around in the park are endless! You could easily pass a day here discovering this beautiful and fun-filled park. Check out the website for everything you can do!

Jardin d'Acclimatation

5. Paris Carnival

The earliest noted date was 1658 for the Paris de Carnival. This lively and colorful fรชte takes place in February mostly but sometimes in early March, basically, two days before whenever Mardi Gras falls under the auspicious title of Promenade du Bล“uf Gras! “Let us be worthy of our illustrious elders!” They knew how to laugh and have fun at times when life was much harder than today. On this day we will follow the advice of a friend of the Carnival of Paris in the nineteenth century, who wrote: “let us amuse ourselves and put off our serious business until tomorrow!โ€ Each year has its theme but every year is full of fanfare so join in the fun and play a little dress-up while you are at it.


6. CinรฉKids – Kids Cinema at Forum des Images

Every Sunday and Wednesday the Cinema at Forum des Images offers films from around the world for kids from 18 months to 8 years old! Be sure to check out the schedule as this is a fun activity for both children and adults.


7. Explore The Catacombs

For older kids who love spooky adventures, the Catacombs of Paris are a fascinating attraction. The underground tunnels are lined with the bones of over six million people, making for a unique and eerie experience.

exciting things for kids in Paris

8.ย Jardin des Plantes: La Galรฉrie de Lโ€™ร‰volution

If you are looking for things to do with kids in Paris (especially on a rainy day), you should consider a visit to the Jardin des Plantes: La Galรฉrie de l’ร‰volution. This museum takes you through a discovery of animals from both land and sea. There are 7,000 incredibly lifelike specimens placed in the museum which creates a mythical yet modern view of history and science. While there are a few pre-historic remains, it is primarily about modern creatures.ย  There is a childrenโ€™s gallery as well that you can include in your visit for an additional fee. This gallery serves as a discovery zone for children big and small to learn about the habitats and behaviors of various fauna.

Galerie de l'evolution

9. Kids Cooking & Baking Classes at Cookโ€™n with Class Paris

The best way to get kids excited for Paris is to have them truly interact with the culture…and get some goodies out of the experience! Entering your child into kids cooking classes will not only teach them valuable skills that they can bring home with them. It also gets them interested in the differences of culture and allows them to meet other English speaking kids in Paris. These classes are great for both parents and kids as you work as a team getting stuck into French cuisine and desserts!

A Macaron en Famille Class ย will have them learn how to makes these delicious, bite-size, French treats craved by both children and adults!

In this Cuisine en Famille class, you will work together as a team to create an entire 3-course French meal that you can duplicate back at home! Give your child an unforgettable memory of Paris and use it as an opportunity to have picky eaters learn what is going into their meals so that they can truly appreciate the food that they eat when made from quality market ingredients.

The Patisserie en famille class is a treat for the kids who like making a variety of desserts, the true aspiring little bakers. A particular favorite of this class is learning how to make an Eiffel Tower cookie!

A new edition to classes for little bakers is a kids only Kids’ Chocolate Class! This is a class exclusively for kids (ages 6 – 16) to develop their love of chocolate and enjoy an enriching 2 hours in Paris. Using top-quality Valrhona Chocolate made from the purest cocoa beans, and all the equipment provided. This hands-on class is not just about messy fun; itโ€™s an educational opportunity too. Providing a safe, supervised environment where children can learn the basics of chocolate making. Plus, they get to make new friends and unleash their creativity, all while savoring the joy of chocolate in the heart of Paris!.ย 

We also have an express croissant class offered on the same date and time as this class, so that while your kids are crafting chocolate treats with the other kids, you will be just next door baking croissants and pain au chocolats with our pastry chef.
6 Rue Baudelique, Paris, 75018

Cook'n with Kids Class

10. Museum of Magicย 

The Musรฉe de la Magie showcases the history of magic with its collection of props, illusions, and secret devices. They have interactive magical events to bring kids into the wonderful world of magicians.

11, rue Saint-Paul, 75004, Paris


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