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Enjoy a French Market class in Paris where you will shop with your chef instructor to select the freshest seasonal produce before heading back to class for a hands-on cooking experience and wonderful luncheon paired with wine. Learn the art of French pâtisserie and be the envy of your friends when you tell them you now know how to make delectable macarons. Prepare freshly baked croissants in a hands-on croissant baking class. Unravel the secrets of French sauce making.

In one of our hands-on French cooking, french pastry, or French baking classes in Paris, you’ll have the attention and expertise of professional cooks & pastry chefs to help you sharpen, or embark on new skills. Always fun, always informative, and always delicious. Check out our French cooking classes in Paris and we’ll see you soon!

French Market Tour & Cooking Class in Paris

Learn to shop at the market like a Parisian, choose the best ingredients & turn them into a delicious 4-course meal. Get a hands-on cooking experience from our professional English-speaking chefs.

205€ 195€ / person

French Cooking Class – Bistro Cuisine in Paris

Learn how to make the classic bistro dishes that have delighted Parisians for centuries. You will make a three-course meal from scratch with your classmates, after which you can enjoy a sit-down meal with the chef.

180€ /person

Sauce Making Class in Paris

To your saucepans! When you have a good stock, you have a good sauce. When you have a good sauce you have good food. Learn the basics of French sauce making in the Mother of all Sauces.

150€ 130€ / person

Chocolate Class in Paris

Come discover the power of chocolate with a class specially developed to dive into the world of this fascinating food. Learn tempering and confection and leave with delicious samples of your work to savor and share.

130€ /person

Macaron Class in Paris

Dreaming of making Macarons? Make your dream a reality. We reveal the secrets in our Macaron class in Paris. A Gluten-Free pastry class in Paris. Learn to make 3 flavors from scratch. Join us!

130€ 115€ / person

French Desserts Classes in Paris

An introductory desserts class to tempt your sweet tooth. Get hands-on experience from our English-speaking chefs and within 3 hours master crême brulée, chocolate soufflé or the famous lemon tart!

130€ 115€ / person

Choux Pastry Class in Paris

A pastry dough that takes you from breakfast through dinner? Our Choux pastry class focuses on preparing 4-5 pastry recipes including chocolate éclairs, cream puffs, chouquettes, and more.

130€ 115€ / person

French Bread Baking Class in Paris

Bread baking courses in Paris. Learn to bake delicious French baguettes & brioche in Paris with a pro. Our French bread-making class will teach you the techniques & recipes for baking perfect home-made bread.

130€ 115€ / person

Croissant Baking Classes in Paris

Breakfast food, French style. Learn the secrets to preparing flaky, buttery French breakfast pastries. Master the techniques of making croissants, pain au chocolat, and pain aux raisins in a hands-on beginners class.

130€ 115€ / person

Private Cooking Lessons in Paris

A one-on-one experience with an expert Chef to build on your skills, tailor-made to your tastes. Classroom privatized for individuals or groups. A great idea for families or friends up to 8 people.

1040€ From 975€

Pâtisserie en Famille – Family Baking Class in Paris

This class is open to all 6 – 12-year-old little bakers (plus accompanying adults)! Learn how to make French patisserie as part of a child and adult duo in this family patisserie class, you’ll be walking away with delicious treats and a taste of Paris that you can recreate together at home!

195€ /duo

Cuisine en Famille – Family Cooking Class in Paris

Family cooking class for children aged 9-15 (with an accompanying adult)! You and your child will work together as a team to whip up a 3-course French menu. A tasty French culinary experience “en famille”. Class in English by our professional chefs.

220€ 210€ / duo (parent + child)

Macaron en Famille – Family Baking Class in Paris

You and your child (age 6-12), will work together as a team to create 2 delicious Macaron flavors! A tasty French pâtisserie “en famille”. A gluten-free class taught in English by our professional chefs.

195€ / duo (parent + child)

Cheese & Wine Tasting Experience in Paris

What would France be without its many cheeses? Come and discover one of the best parts of French culture in a Cheese & Wine Class. Our sommelier will guide you through 5 French cheeses and 5 wines.

95€ / person

Private Large Group Cooking Lessons in Paris

Team-building with an expert Chef for a fun & convivial activity in Paris. Classroom privatized for your next group function. Tailor-made and hands-on. For groups of 9-23 a unique experience in Paris.

From 130€ / person

Bûche de Noël Class in Paris

Join us in a French Christmas dessert class where we will teach you to make your own traditional and modern French Christmas log – Bûche de Noël. You will have your very own to take home and share.

130€ / person

Foie Gras Making Class in Paris

Learn how to prepare foie gras from scratch and prepare some luxurious recipes just in time for the holidays. This class is offered seasonally (December only). We will be using finely selected Foie Gras.

195€ / person
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