A Week in Paris – Prepaid Package

Package Description

Finding it difficult to choose between our wonderful selection of French cooking classes? Always wanted to explore the secrets of French cuisine? Could you really have it all.  We’d like to help you try and so we’ve created ‘A Week in Paris pre-paid package’! A very unique culinary experience which will be a highlight of your Paris visit.

Take the classes over 5 days during your week in Paris or as the pre-paid package is valid for up to one year, you can also choose to spread out your classes over several visits.

Share these classes with your friends or family or keep them all for yourself – Just let us know which classes your interested in and for whom.

Imagine combining the best of French patisserie and French baking with a French Market Cooking Class to top off your week’s course. That’s just what you’ll have during these five great days spent at our school based in charming Montmartre.

Includes 5 classes + Certificate + an Apron OR a Canvas Bag + 1 Bonus Class we’ll select for you.

We’ll select a 6th class for you based on the available schedule. Please email or call us after purchasing your package so that we can book your Bonus Class in advance.  Also, please note that if you are unable to take or are not interested in taking the bonus class offered, it will have no effect on the package price. 

PRICE Option 1: 525 euros (Adults)

PRICE Option 2: 600 euros (Adults)

Save up to 155 euros

Please note: the package doesn’t include accommodations. We offer two Week in Paris options. See below for available classes in each option.

Select from: 

  •  Croissant Baking Class – where you will not only learn to make flaky croissants from the dough, the rolling, the forming, finishing, and baking but we will use these technics and the dough to make a variety of French breakfast pastries from pain aux raisins to pain au chocolat and the sweet pastry cream to use as fillings.
  • French Bread Making Class – You will unlock the mysteries of Bread making in a home kitchen. Our French baguette classes in Paris will give you the techniques and much more. You will never look at a French Bakery the same again.
  •  Macaron Making Class – In this Paris cooking class you will learn how to prepare from start to finish 3 kinds of macarons using different classic fillings.
  • French Bistro Desserts Class – Join us for a 3-hour beginners French dessert class and learn how to make some of the quintessential Bistro Desserts such as: crême brulée, financiers, chocolate tartelettes, Parisian fruit tart or soufflé, always using fresh, seasonal products.
  • Mad About Choux – In our Mad About Choux Pastry class you will learn the finest Choux pastry recipes and the secrets to the classics that you can recreate at home. With this base, the skies the limit with what you can do with it – you may even invent your own choux dessert or apéritf who knows!
  • Chef’s Table – Food & Wine Pairing – A fabulous, fun and educational evening of Food & Wine Pairing where you will experience a taste of France at the Chef’s table all in an intimate, convivial setting.
  • Foie Gras – (offered seasonally) – In this unique foie gras class, our Chef will teach you to prepare different recipes with finely selected Foie Gras. You’ll learn to cook it in a traditional way to make your own “Foie Gras au Torchon” ready to take home and share with your family & friends. You will also prepare a beautiful garnished salad with a piece of seared Foie Gras & a surprising Foie Gras Dessert that you may sit down and enjoy with a glass of wine.
  • Buche de Noel Class – (offered seasonally)- Learn to make an authentic French Christmas Log with a professional Chef.

PRICE: 525 euros (Adults)

Save 125 euros

Select from:

All the above mentioned classes plus:

  • French Market Class – Learn what it is like to shop, cook and eat like a Parisian! This class is a fun, educational insight into French cooking while learning recipes that you can recreate at home. Paris cooking classes are one of the top activities to do while visiting Paris and in this class you will enjoy a guided visit to the local market, a hands-on cooking class taught by a professional Chef, topped off by a superb 4-course lunch or dinner with a small group of fellow food lovers!!
  • Mother of All Sauces – In this class the sauces are the stars. We will prepare simple meat, fish and vegetable dishes to accompany our sauces. Learn to make a stock – the essential base for any good sauce. We will also teach you how to clarify butter as well as variations of sauces to enlarge your sauce-making library.
  • Semi-Pro Desserts – This class reveals the secrets to making the classic pastries that adorn the Parisian bakery windows. In 3-4 hours you learn to make a: Paris Brest, a dark Chocolate Tart, Pear Charlotte and the famous Baba au Rhum.
  • Chocolate Class – (offered seasonally) You will learn the essential techniques of how to temper chocolate, how to use chocolate molds and transfer sheets and how to make a ganache. In the class, you will use these techniques alongside a professional Chef to create top quality chocolates by hand.
  • Adults Easter Chocolate Class – (offered at Easter) In this special Easter themed Chocolate Class, don’t be afraid to put all your eggs in one basket!

5 Classes

PRICE: 600 euros (Adults)

Save up to 155 euros


  • Learn from a professional chef in PARIS in English
  • Prepare several wonderful recipes you can recreate at home
  • This is your chance to perfect your cooking skills while designing your personalized culinary program
  • Your pre-paid package is valid for a year. Use your package all at once or spread it out over several trips
  • Keep your pre-paid credits for yourself or offer a class to friends or family
  • Small class size means a more hands-on experience for you
  • Learn from an experienced French chef in English

Note: Please contact us by email after you have used the last of your pre-paid credits. 


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