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When you think of Paris, visions of French pastries, baguettes, & macarons may come to mind. But what if you went beyond just indulging your tastebuds with these delectable delights and learned how to make them in Paris.

Discover our Baking Classes and French Desserts Classes in Paris at our French cooking school, Cook’n with Class Paris. We offer you small class size for a more hands-on learning experience with our professional chefs. Our French baking lessons in Pais are taught in English.  This is a fun & convivial learning way to experience the art of French cooking. We’ve been offering the best French baking classes in Paris since 2007.

Our French Baking Classes & French Desserts Classes include: French Macaron classes, Croissant baking classes in Paris, Patisserie classes where you learn to make delectable French desserts, Baguette baking class in Paris, Choux pastry classes, A Parent/child macaron class among our kids baking classes. For our advanced bakers, you’ll delight in one of our advanced French dessert clases.


Dreaming of making Macarons? Make your dream a reality. We reveal the secrets in our Macaron class in Paris. Learn to make 3 flavors from scratch. You’ll no doubt have the best macarons in town.


An introductory desserts class to tempt your sweet tooth. Get hands-on experience from our English-speaking chefs and within 3 hours master crême brulée, chocolate soufflé or the famous lemon tart!


A pastry dough that takes you from breakfast through dinner? Our Choux pastry class focuses on preparing 4-5 choux pastry recipes including chocolate éclairs, cream puffs, chouquettes, and more.


Learn how to replace flour and still enjoy delectable French desserts. Discover some classics that are naturally gluten-free, without compromising on either taste or texture.


Bread baking courses in Paris. Learn to bake delicious French baguettes & brioche in Paris with a pro. Our French bread-making class will teach you the techniques & recipes for baking perfect home-made bread.


Breakfast food, French style. Learn the secrets to preparing flaky, buttery French breakfast pastries. Master the techniques of making croissants, pain au chocolat, and pain aux raisins in a hands-on beginners class.


You and your child (age 6-12), will work together as a team to create 2 delicious Macaron flavors! A tasty French culinary baking experience “en famille”. Class in English by our professional patisserie chefs.


This French cooking class is strictly for kids. Your aspiring little chef will learn how to bake and create from scratch four delicious French recipes from the savory to the sweet. Your kids will thank you.


Book one of our French desserts and baking classes in Paris directly online and take part in of the best learning experiences you could have during your Paris vacation.

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