Best Sellers Pre-paid Package

You could take just one French cooking class in Paris but why would you when you can take three and save?! Our Bestsellers Package is for the foodie and cooks who want to have a taste of the sweet side of French cuisine.

Generally, you would take these classes over 2-3 days but as the pre-paid package is valid for a year, you can choose to use up one of your credits today and the other two later in the year.

Share these classes with your friends or family or keep them all for yourself.

Select 3 classes among the following: Croissant Baking, French Bread (baguette), Macaron, French desserts, Choux Pastry: Éclairs & Co, Gluten-Free French Desserts, 

Includes 3 Classes + Certificate + an Apron 

NEW PRICE: 270 euros/person

Savings up to 52 euros off our regular prices

Credits Valid 1 year.  Apply to your own booking or a booking for a friend or family member.

Please note that pre-paid packages are non-refundable once any part of the credit has been used.

Note: Please contact us by email after you have used the last of your pre-paid credits. 

You can select from our savory or sweet offerings as listed below:

  • Croissant Baking Class where you will not only learn to make flaky croissants from the dough, the rolling, the forming, finishing, and baking but we will use these technics and the dough to make a variety of French breakfast pastries from pain aux raisins to pain au chocolat and the sweet pastry cream to use as fillings.
  • French Bread Making Class You will unlock the mysteries of Breadmaking in a home kitchen. Our French baguette classes in Paris will give you the techniques and much more. You will never look at a French Bakery the same again.
  • Macaron Making Class In this Paris cooking class you will learn how to prepare from start to finish 3 kinds of macarons using different classic fillings.
  • French Desserts Class Join us for a 3-hour beginner French dessert class and learn how to make some of the quintessential Bistro Desserts such as crême brulée, financiers, chocolate tartlet, Parisian fruit tart or soufflé, always using fresh, seasonal products.
  • Gluten-Free Desserts Class – Learn how to replace flour in some of the most traditional French desserts and discover some classics that are naturally gluten-free, without compromising on either taste or texture. Here you will learn gluten-free recipes that are not only delicious, but fun to make at home.
  • Choux Pastry: Éclair & co – In our Choux Pastry class you will learn the finest Choux pastry recipes and the secrets to the classics that you can recreate at home. With this base, the skies the limit with what you can do with it – you may even invent your own choux dessert or apéritf who knows!


  • Learn from a professional chef in PARIS in English

  • Prepare several wonderful recipes you can recreate at home

  • This is your chance to perfect your cooking skills while designing your personalized culinary program

  • Your pre-paid package is valid for a year. Use your package all at once or spread it out over several trips

  • Keep your pre-paid credits for yourself or offer a class to friends or family

  • Small class size means a more hands-on experience for you

Note: Please remember to contact us by email after you have used the last of your pre-paid credits. 

Sweet & Beautiful

370€for 3 classes

Would you like to know the secrets of baking famous French macarons & classic desserts or to enjoy a French Market Class? Take our sweet 3-class program.

Save 52€ 

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Flavorful Four

420€Select any 4 classes

Enjoy any 4 classes among our course offerings and dive into the art of French cuisine from the savory to the sweet. Treat yourself!

Save up to 108€

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A Taste of Paris

525€for 5 classes (two options)

Let us guide you through all aspects of French cuisine, from savory to sweet. 5 great days of cooking classes and plenty of recipes to recreate at home.

Save up to 102€

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