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November1, 2018
by Jacqueline Stewart

Coucou Everyone!

My name is Jacqueline and I am here to share with you the many reasons I love Paris! Over the course of my blogging, I will share with you my love and passion for food, cooking, event going and anything else that strikes me in the city of light!

To start, I have dreamt about living here all my life. Originally from Florida, living in New York City for six years and now Paris, I am determined to dive into every aspect of this City. I am living in one of the most beautiful, historical, magical and gastronomical cities in the world! I feel lucky to be living here and to pursue my passion in the culinary world as well as to discover and explore this outstanding city every day! I enjoy being active and to participate in the many opportunities and events that await in a city like this and am always excited to learn, taste and experience something new!

Here I will share my favorite things about Paris with you as I continue to discover what brought me here in the first place! My curiosity and heart always lead me somewhere new and exciting, so I hope that you will go on this adventure with me as I open my eyes wide to Paris, its culture, food and many happenings.

If you ever have a request or a curiosity about something that you would like me to write about, I would be happy to do the research!

I hope that here we can learn and explore together!

Meet Jacqueline

Credit – Jessica Ruddock


Jacqueline Stewart

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Moving to Paris just under one year ago, Jacqueline moved here to live a dream and to pursue a passion! In love with the French culture as well as its language and cuisine, she knew since years ago that she would live here someday.


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