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August5, 2019
by Cook'n With Class

Food I love You comes to Cook’n With Class Paris

When food lover and influencer, Mpho dropped by Cook’n with Class for a day of French cooking, magic happened. A taste of Paris and a love of cooking with chef Eric Fraudeau

August1, 2019
by samantha

Paris Happenings August

What’s hot? What on? What’s happening in Paris this August. Find out inside.

July4, 2019
by samantha

Paris happenings in July

From Vivaldi to open-air cinemas, here’s what’s happening this July in Paris.

May26, 2019
by Cook'n With Class

Paris Happenings June 2019

Paris Jazz Festival – 30 June to 22 JulyParis Jazz Festival (formerly “A fleurs de Jazz”) artfully blends jazz melodies and the harmony of nature. Since its debut, the festival has been supported by t

May11, 2019
by Emily Dilling

Where to get the best of International Cuisine in Paris

Foreign food restaurants reflect the diversity of a city and provide insight into the lives and culture of the people who make this city so special. From Laos to Kurdistan, check out Emily’s mouth-watering best-of of International cuisine in Paris!

March27, 2019
by Jacqueline Stewart

Imagine a car-free Paris

Imagine strolling or biking down the middle of the Champs Elysée? Can you see yourself in a car-free Paris? Well, the city is trying to make your dreams come true with has its project, Paris Respire! So, get out and enjoy Paris by foot or bicycle as you support the future of the city of light!

March1, 2019
by Emily Dilling

Best of French Regional Cuisine in Paris

In this blog, Emily treats us to some of the best spots to find French Regional Cuisine in Paris! You can find traditional plats from all around the Country in Paris even though some say the cuisine is dying out. We don’t think so, which is why we have created this list to help you discover the best of the best!

February15, 2019
by Jacqueline Stewart

10 exciting things to do with kids in Paris

Whether you are visiting Paris or live here, here are 10 fun examples of things to do with your kids! We promise they will love them all!

January5, 2019
by Emily Dilling

Paris New Year: What to Expect in Food & Drink 2019

As 2018 comes to an end, here are some newly opened and soon to be launched places and projects that you’ll want to add to your list of things to do. So, here is what to expect in 2019! Enjoy!

January4, 2019
by Jacqueline Stewart

Our Top 5 PARIS blog posts of 2018!

Here we have compiled our best Blogs of 2018 list posted either by a staff member of Cook’n with Class or guest blogger! Be sure to read over your favorites again for future ideas when in Paris!