Macaron Class


Macarons are in a league of their own; this French delicacy class combines technique and precision of meringue with innovative fillings to give a sweet and delicate result!

In this Paris cooking class, you will learn how to prepare from start to finish 3 kinds of macarons using different classic fillings

Learn how to match crunchiness and sweetness: you’ll become a true macaron expert!

  • Chocolate Macaron
  • Raspberry Macaron
  • Salted Caramel Macaron
  • White Chocolate with Lemon Macaron
  • Learn to make perfect macarons from an expert chef
  • Work with tried & tested recipes that can be recreated at home

  • Once the class is finished taste your macarons on-site with a drink and take home the rest with our takeaway boxes

  • Classes in English

Interested in a more one-on-one experience with our chefs? What to organize an individual or group lesson for a particular period that better fits your schedule? Why not request a private lesson. Private classes are fully customizable. Use the link below to make your request. You can learn more about our private lessons here.

Offer this class as a gift to your friends and family. 

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Do you dream of Macarons?

Well, the secrets are revealed in our Macaron class in Paris. Learn to make 3 flavors from scratch and then compare them with your Ladurée macarons! We think you’ll be impressed with yourself for sure!