Semi-Pro: Puff Pastry Desserts


We will work on making the puff pastry dough – the pâte feuillétée, from scratch. Pâte feuillétée is that flaky, buttery pastry dough that is the base of so many French recipes both savory & sweet. Puff pastry is needed for the galette des Rois, the Napoleon, also known as the mille-feuille. The combination of 4 simple ingredients combined with this special technic for incorporating the dough and the butter, results in that light pastry that we have come to know.

The class requires you to have a certain level of experience in baking as some more advanced methods are used during this class. Beginner bakers should try their hand at our introductory French desserts class.

Cook’n with Class uses Valrhona Chocolate in many of its classes. This chocolate is made from the purest cocoa beans renowned for its outstanding quality. For your information, this class may also require the use of gelatine.

*This class is not open to children

  • Mille-feuille
  • Chausson aux Pommes
  • Palmiers
  • Torsade salé
  • Learn the advanced technics required to make exquisite French pastries from an expert chef

  • Learn to make pâte feuillétée (puff pastry dough), from scratch
  • Work with tried & tested recipes that can be recreated at home

  • Once the class is finished taste your desserts on-site with a drink and take home the rest with our takeaway boxes

  • Class taught in English

Interested in a more one-on-one experience with our chefs? What to organize an individual or group lesson for a particular period that better fits your schedule? Why not request a private lesson. Private classes are fully customizable. Use the link below to make your request. You can learn more about our private lessons here.

Offer this class as a gift to your friends and family. 

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Are you an ardent Baker and ready to take your Dessert making skills to another level?  Then you must try our Puff Pastry “Semi-Pro” Desserts Class!!

This class reveals the secrets to making the classic pastries that adorn the Parisian bakery windows.