Flavorful Four Package

Our French Cooking Class Package “Flavorful Four,”  is an opportunity to dive mouth first into French culinary arts in a fun and convivial atmosphere. Here is your chance to pre-purchase 4 classes and save. You can participate in a class per day over 4-5 days as your schedule permits. Generally. But you can also spread out your pre-paid package which valid for a year from date of purchase. You can choose to use up one of your credits in one go or spread out the classes throughout the year.

Share these classes with your friends or family or keep them all for yourself – Just let us know which classes you’re interested in and for whom.

Includes 4 Classes + Certificate + an Apron 

Select any 4 Classes among the following: Croissant Baking, French Bread (baguette), Macaron, French desserts, Choux Pastry: Éclair & Co, Gluten-free French desserts, Cheese & Wine Tasting, French Market Class, Mother of All Sauces.

PRICE: 420 euros/package

Save up to 108 euros
Credits Valid 1 year. Apply to your own booking or a booking for a friend or family member.

Please note that pre-paid packages are non-refundable once any part of the credit has been used.

Note: Please contact us by email after you have used the last of your pre-paid credits. 

All our classes with the exception of our parent/child classes are available in this package 

Select any 4 classes from our course offering and treat yourself to a taste of French cuisine. You will cover with each individual class a different aspect of French cooking. Dive into Dessert making, make your own Croissant and Bread dough, cook up a 4-course meal, and learn about the versatility of choux pastry dough. In addition to your pastry and baking skills, and why not discover the world of French cheese & wine while you’re with us?

Enjoy it all yourself or share your package with a friend or family member*

PRICE: 420 euros/package

Save up to 108 euros

*You can decide to use credits for a friend to join you in the same class. Credits may not be shared for classes such as the French market class or the Sauce class.


  • Learn from a professional chef in PARIS in English
  • Prepare several wonderful recipes you can recreate at home
  • This is your chance to perfect your cooking skills while designing your personalized culinary program
  • Your pre-paid package is valid for a year. Use your package all at once or spread it out over several trips
  • Keep your pre-paid credits for yourself or offer a class to friends or family
  • Small class size means a more hands-on experience for you

Note: Please contact us by email after you have used the last of your pre-paid credits. 


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