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Bonjour de Paris! Welcome to our Cook’n With Class Paris Blog. Come discover Paris and greater France from a local point of view. Pick up great travel tips, cooking technics, recipes and join us on visual and informative journey through France . . . and sometimes beyond.

January4, 2019
by Jacqueline Stewart

Our Top 5 PARIS blog posts of 2018!

Here we have compiled our best Blogs of 2018 list posted either by a staff member of Cook’n with Class or guest blogger! Be sure to read over your favorites again for future ideas when in Paris!

December10, 2018
by Jacqueline Stewart

Our Top 7 Paris Christmas Market Round up!

Check out our list of favorite Christmas Markets in Paris this year! These are all must see and do’s during the month of December! We are sure each one of these markets will be sure to put you in the Chrismas spirit!

December5, 2018
by Emily Dilling

Decadent December in Paris

As the holiday’s approach and the grey winter days set the backdrop for the months to come, Parisians seek comfort in the decadent pleasures their city has to offer. Read on to find out just what those are!

November15, 2018
by Cook'n With Class

A day well spent in Paris, 18th District

The 18th Arrondissement is full of great things to eat, drink and do! Here Chef Maxime narrows down his top favorite things to do in the district on a day off!

October18, 2018
by Emily Dilling

The 5 Best Paris Coffee Shops Open on Sunday

In Paris, a good coffee shop open on a Sunday and with good food is hard to come by! So many restaurants and cafes are closed on Sunday! Well, after lots of coffee drinking and exploration, we have found a few that stay open on Sundays just for those coffee lovers!

September9, 2018
by Emily Dilling

Vegetarian Food in Paris

A few years ago, you could count the number of vegetarian restaurants in the city on one hand. All that has changed in recent years: vegetarians no longer have to settle for veggie side dishes or a basket of bread when eating out in Paris and they can even have full on gastronomic experiences thanks to a growing number of plant-minded restaurants and cafés that have opened their doors.

July27, 2018
by Preston Mohr

Reservations in Paris – How to dine successfully

Nothing worse than spending your vacation and constantly trying to figure out where to eat. While sometimes you’ll get lucky and walk into a place right away for a meal and score not only a great table but a great meal. Get a foodie’s tip on how to dine successfully when traveling to Paris.

July23, 2018
by Emily Dilling

Walking in Paris

There is no better way to explore a city than doing it the old-fashioned way: on foot. Whether enjoying a leisurely walk or going on an off-the-beaten-path adventure, here are some guidelines to help Parisian pedestrians get the maximum from their “flâneur” experience.