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March1, 2017
by Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

Understanding the French Food Market

So you arrive at the French food market and are dazzled by all the gorgeous produce. What to buy? How much to buy? What do all those labels means, cat I, EXTRA origine. I’m about to make life easier for you. Read on . . .

February22, 2017
by Emily Dilling

My Move to Paris – 11 Years On

Have you ever dreamed of moving to Paris? Do devour stories of those you have taken the plunge? Are you curious about how so many of us got to France? Read Emily’s story on moving to Paris. Maybe you’ll pick up some tips yourself.

January11, 2017
by Preston Mohr

The Party Must Go On – Surviving those post New Years blues

Some people may find post holiday celebrations a bit anti-climatic. But just because the clock struck 12:01 doesn’t mean that the party has to end. Sommelier, Preston Mohr has a few tips on how to ditch the post-holiday blues

January2, 2017
by Paulina Chudzik

Tomy & Co – The Hot New Paris Restaurant from Tomy Gousset

Have you heard of chef Tomy Gousset? Not yet? Well trust us this is a name you’ll want to remember. But besides every great man is his great wife and in this case, it’s none other than our wonderful chef instructor, Constance Deledalle. We get the dish on their newest venture, Tomy & Co, a restaurant built on their passion for great food that is non-pretentious and always stellar.

December21, 2016
by Emily Dilling

Traditional Regional French Winter Meals

The Winter season in France, like most things in this lovely country, focuses primarily on food. Every season has its tradition. Every region has its specialty. Come discover the traditional foods of this Winter season.

November16, 2016
by Cook'n With Class

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrivé!

Growing up in the US, I always remember seeing these funny signs hanging about the supermarkets and liquor stores around Thanksgiving saying Le Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrivé. What was this purplish-red wine disguised in the gaudy colorfully painted bottles? And what was all the commotion about?

October5, 2016
by Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

Is Delivery Food in Paris Killing French Food Traditions?

Are food delivery services changing the way Parisians approach food? With the increase in delivery services of all kinds, you might wonder. Convenient yes; necessary? Debatable. Opinions differ for sure.

August9, 2016
by Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

When an unused urban spaces become the hip places to be – Grand Train

When the city of Paris gets the idea (with the help of the SNCF), to repurpose unused portions of their train stations and turn them into hip urban spaces of art, food and music, you get Grand Train among others – shabby chic venues for all to discover. Hit or miss? You can decide.