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Bonjour de Paris! Welcome to our Cook’n With Class Paris Blog. Come discover Paris and greater France from a local point of view. Pick up great travel tips, cooking technics, recipes and join us on visual and informative journey through France . . . and sometimes beyond.

June27, 2017
by Cook'n With Class

Top 13 Picks for a Picnic in Paris

It’s that time of year again so grab a picnic basket, some chilled wine and head off to the one of the many Parisian parks to find your haven of tranquility. The Parisian picnic is a way of life in the summertime and helps us city dwellers to escape and unwind without having to go far.

June19, 2017
by Patrick Hebert

12 Kitchen tools no cook should do without

Your kitchen can not afford to be without these essential kitchen tools. Here’s a chef’s pick for top 12 tools no cook should do without

June7, 2017
by Emily Dilling

5 Best Best Terraces in Paris

Despite a few hiccups now and then the weather is moving towards warmer days and plenty of sunsoaked afternoons in Paris. So what better place to enjoy the rays than on a “terrasse”. But which ones . . .

May31, 2017
by Eric Fraudeau

French Sauces – The Mother of All Sauces

You will find with great difficultly a traditional French recipe without sauce – and sometimes lots of it. Rich, creamy, delicious and quintessentially French.

May10, 2017
by Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

Le Hasard Ludique – Paris Upcycling urban spaces

Paris is a city on the move. The city is poised to re-invent its urban spaces as much to the delight of its inhabitants as its visitor. Paris upcycling is the new trend where la ville lumière is transforming unused spaces into urban oasis.

May2, 2017
by Preston Mohr

For Love of Wine and Cheese!

It all began in 2007. Learn how Preston Mohr our wine specialist and in-house sommelier, came to join us at Cook’n with Class Paris. This is his CWC Paris story – Part of our 10 year anniversary celebration.

May1, 2017
by Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

Fête du Travail – French Labor Day (May 1st)

It’s French Labor Day – La Fête du Travail. The Fête du Travail in France is a holiday that is just as if not more important and observed as Christmas. What’s it all about and what should you expect?

April26, 2017
by Emily Dilling

Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Paris

When looking for great seafood restaurants in Paris, you don’t have to head out to the seaside. The French capital is also the capital of food so you have to expect to have some of the best seafood restaurants and we’ve got our top 5 picks from Emily Dilling.