Chef Constance

Constance knew from the age of 8 years old that she had incredible passion for cooking. Her determination to conquer French kitchens has led her to work with the finest Chefs at renowned Parisian Hotels Meurice, Bristol and the Ritz-Escoffier school.

This training was launch pad for Constance to excel in modern French cuisine becoming an ambassador teaching savory and sweet recipes to students of all nationalities.

Paris is her home but her curiosity for exotic food takes her travelling to food markets in far-off destinations. She enjoys sharing her lifelong passion for French cuisine internationally and has led classes in New York and most recently demonstrated the art of French Macarons & Desserts at a large travel show in London.

Chef Constance teaches regularly the French Market Classes, French Cooking with KidsDesserts class, and Macaron Class.

A force to be reckoned with, Constance hosts private workshops and is consulted for grand restaurant openings and she will no doubt ignite your passion for French food in our cooking school in Paris at Cook’n With Class.

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