Chef Maxime

After finishing his studies in hospitality, Maxime went on to specialize in pastry arts, because of its of his love for the precision required to master pâtisserie.

After graduation, he moved to the French capital, where everything is happening. Hello Paris! He first started to work under 3-time MOF finalist James Berthier, and later spent 3,5 years at Pierre Herme Paris. Intern when he entered, he left the company as a sous-chef.

With a number of years of experience under his belt, Maxime decided to take off to foreign shores: NYC was the destination. He joined the Francois Payard Bakery team for one year, before going back to Paris. Benoit Castel, who started Liberte Patisserie-Boulangerie one year before, called him to replace his departing chef. He was in charge of a smaller-scale bakery, a perfect way to develop his creativity. It was here that he crafted his style: avoiding freezers, gelatine, and food colouring. 

Now, Maxime is working as a freelance pastry chef offering workshops, consultancy, and catering. You’ll have a chance to meet Maxime in our French Desserts and Baking Classes


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Cook’n With Class set to offer a Michelin-studded Chef’s Table – Food & Wine Pairing event in Paris

On Tuesday September 26th, 2017 – Chef Geoffroy Maillard and chef Eric Fraudeau will join their culinary forces to bring us a special Chef’s Table – Food & Wine Pairing event “à quartre mains”. Chef Maillard is chef/owner of Michelin-starred restaurant, La Table d’Eugène & French Tapas bar – La Rallonge. Chef Eric Fraudeau is chef/owner and creator of Cook’n With Class Paris and Cook’n With Class Uzès.

by Cook'n With Class

Michelin Star invited to Cook’n With Class Paris

4-Mains – Food & Wine Pairing with Michelin-starred guest chef: We’re turning 10 this year and we are celebrating in some big ways: Special guests, a birthday party in Paris & a few contests! Here’s just one of the events we have planned “à la rentrée”

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