Cook'n With Class

Ten years is certainly something to celebrate. When Cook’n With Class started in 2007, it began with one chef in a 30m2 studio in Montmartre, within a year, Chef Eric has made his mark but felt it was time to expand. He welcomed a new chef to his project, Chef Pino Ficara, a baker and pastry chef. The two became instant friends and so it was without hesitation that chef Pino shared his story of how it all began with us.

I met Eric in early 2008, completely by chance: my wife was looking for a B&B accommodation in Paris for some friends visiting from out of town and stumbled upon Yetunde’s apartment rental business’s website. After an email exchange they met in person and not only they discovered they were both from NY but they were also BOTH married to CHEFS! The coincidence was too good to be true so I decided to go see Eric at the school, just for a coffee with a colleague. Just by talking to Eric I saw and loved his enthusiasm, passion for food and generosity and that’s when I decide to offer him my services.

Eric back then was teaching both Market Class and French Dessert Class by himself and occasionally he would also teach a dinner class! I offered to help with at least the afternoon dessert classes and that’s how we started brainstorming about all other classes we could offer at the school: Macarons, Croissants, French Breads… We created a “monster”!

Pino Ficara

I worked for CWC for 8 years and collected many fun memories. I met hundreds of people from all over the world, exchanged information, cooking tips, introduced them to new flavours and heard their funny stories about kitchen disasters and triumphs. Beside growing enormously as a chef it has been a great human experience. Every evening I went home with great food stories for my wife, sometimes with good leftovers to accompany the daily report.

One of my favorite episode happened with the husband of a passionate baker, she dragged her man to a dessert class but he never cooked before. When I asked him to please separate 6 eggs for our crème brûlée he simply placed the eggs in 2 separate groups of 3. We all had a good laugh, he was a good sport and in the end we enjoyed a great dessert all together.

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