Patrick Hebert

Trained in France, he established his career in London working for the Savoy and Claridges serving fine French gastronomy to the royal family and famous political leaders just to mention a few. Following Paris and London Michelin star experiences, Patrick then brought his talent stateside to Shreveport, Louisiana and obtained 4 diamond awards for his own restaurant Monsieur Patou.

Patrick teaches regularly the French Market Classes as well as in Macarons, & Bread classes.

Returning to his native France we are honored to have him as the latest addition to the Cook’n With Class team in Paris.

That’s a job for girls!

“When I was 8 years old I was coming home from church services like every Sunday. My mother was busy in the kitchen preparing goodies for lunch, nothing fancy, but more extravagant than our daily meals during the rest of the week. I watched fascinated and asked, “Can I help you, mom?” She looked at me surprised, “Okay, but change your clothes first.” It was the first time that I wore a kitchen apron and it was the moment that I caught the virus, “the love of cooking.” After that I couldn’t wait to go home every Sunday and wear my apron again!

Four years later my family and I were watching a documentary on television about a culinary school. “That’s what I want to do.” I said excited. My brothers had a good laugh. “That’s a job for girls!” they teased. I ignored them and a few years later I attended a 3-year program at a culinary school and graduated in 1972. I had learned a lot and it was the beginning of my career as a chef.

I applied to the Bellevue Palace in Bern Switzerland and worked for a year as a commis. Then I moved to London and worked for the Savoy Hotel and became their youngest chef de partie at the early age of 19. We served the Royal Family, the Prime Minister (Harold Wilson) and many other famous people like Agatha Christy, who lived at the hotel, on a regular basis.

I returned to France to do my military service in the Navy and became the personal Maitre’d to the ship’s captain. After the service, Paris was my next destination. I began working at the Morot Gaudry, a Michelin guide rated restaurant. For two years, as a sous chef, I was in charge of the kitchen and the very talented young chefs working there.

However, the traveling fever struck again and when I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans, I took it. I became chef of the famous Louis XVI Restaurant that was very challenging because of the huge responsibilities that were present on a daily basis, but the city was fantastic. Living in the French Quarter and being surrounded by jazz, good food and a party atmosphere was great fun.

I stayed working for this company for four years and learned so much, but it was time to branch out on my own.  I opened my own place, Monsieur Patou Restaurant in Shreveport, and it became an instant success.  The restaurant became nationally known and soon received 4 diamonds with the AAA guide and the Dirona Award of Excellence, which recognizes the best restaurants in all of North America, and was voted the “Best French Restaurant of Louisiana” in 1993.

After 30 years of living in the States, I’ve returned to France and am now delighted to be part of the team at Cook n’ With Class. I love teaching all that I’ve learned and experienced these past 40 years to so many people who come from all over the world and who have that same love of food and cooking as I do!”

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