Mother of All Sauces


In this French sauce making class, the sauces are the stars. We will prepare simple meat, fish and vegetable dishes to accompany our sauces. Learn to make a stock – the essential base for any good sauce. We will also teach you how to clarify butter as well as variations of sauces to enlarge your sauce-making library.

Of course, as usual, everything will be fresh and in-season, so the accompanying recipes will vary based on what is available.

Some examples of what you’ll make in class (based on season and availability):

Chicken or fish velouté
Sauce au Poivre
Clarified Butter
Beurre Blanc
“Aise” Sauces (ie mayonnaise, Hollandaise, etc.)

For timing, some parts of the preparations may be done in advance by your chef.

  • Learn to make a stock from scratch

  • Master the basic French sauces essential to French cuisine

  • Learn technics for elaborating your sauce preparations

  • A hands-on learning experience in a fun and convivial atmosphere

  • Class in English

Interested in a more one-on-one experience with our chefs? What to organize an individual or group lesson for a particular period that better fits your schedule? Why not request a private lesson. Private classes are fully customizable. Use the link below to make your request. You can learn more about our private lessons here.

Offer this class as a gift to your friends and family. 

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When you have a good stock, you have a good sauce. When you have a good sauce you have good food. Learn the basics of French sauce making in the Mother of all Sauces.

This class offers a good introduction to French sauces as elaborated by chef Auguste Escoffier. Traditional French cooking has always been about the sauce and stock. A whole kitchen station was dedicated just to this task. This is a fundamentals class and will prepare you to take your sauces to the next level.