Macaron Kit – Paris Pick Up


After mastering the delicate art of macaron making in our Paris class, continue your baking journey with our essential Macaron Kit.

Kit Components:

  • Colorants: Three high-quality, food-grade colorants to bring vibrant hues to your creations. Colors will vary from kit to kit.
  • Piping Bag: A professional-grade piping bag for precise and uniform macaron shells.
  • Piping Tip: A specially selected tip that works with our piping bag to ensure even batter distribution.
  • Silicone Mat: A non-stick mat with guide marks for consistent macarons.
  • Silicone Spatula: Perfect for achieving the right batter consistency.

Limited Availability:

Our Macaron Kits are in limited supply. Secure yours today to have ready to pick up at our school in Paris.

6 in stock

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Macaron Kit at Our Paris School

Reserve yours now to pick up at our school and master the techniques you learn in class at home!

Begin your adventure into the world of French patisserie with our hands-on macaron class in Paris, where you’ll learn the art of creating these delicate confections from our expert pastry chef. And the journey doesn’t end there; take home our Macaron Kit to keep the learning and baking going in your kitchen. Designed for both passionate bakers and curious novices, this kit is your companion for bringing the elegance and taste of Parisian macarons into your home.

What’s Inside Your Kit:

  • Three Vibrant Colorants: Let your creativity flow with our selection of high-quality, food-grade colorants. Perfect for adding that iconic Parisian charm to your macarons, these colorants will make your creations a feast for the eyes as much as for the palate.
  • One Professional Piping Bag: Achieving the perfect macaron shell is an art in itself. Our professional-grade piping bag gives you the control and precision needed to create uniform and smooth shells every time.
  • One Piping Tip: Coupled with our piping bag, this specially selected tip ensures that your macaron batter is dispensed evenly, helping you achieve those perfectly round and consistent bases that are the hallmark of any great macaron.
  • One Silicone Mat: Say goodbye to sticking and uneven baking. Our silicone mat not only provides a non-stick surface for baking but also features guide marks to help you pipe your macarons to perfection.
  • One Silicone Spatula: Mixing your macaron batter to just the right consistency is crucial. Our silicone spatula is flexible yet sturdy, making it the perfect tool for folding your meringue gently and thoroughly.

From Our Class to Your Kitchen

After honing your skills under the guidance of our expert pastry chef, you’ll be eager to put your new talents to the test. This kit is designed to complement the techniques and secrets you’ve learned. Allowing you to replicate the magic of French macarons in your own kitchen.

Your Culinary Adventure Awaits

With our Macaron Kit, the dream of crafting exquisite, bakery-quality macarons is now within reach. Perfect as a gift for the aspiring baker in your life or as a treat for yourself.

Due to their high demand and limited availability, order now and continue your journey of culinary excellence!


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