Fabrice Meillier

Chef Fabrice

Meet our newest culinary maestro at Cook’n With Class, a chef with over four decades of diverse and extensive experience in the world of gastronomy. From the bustling kitchens of Michelin-starred establishments in Tours to leading dynamic teams across Paris and even international stints in Bermuda and South Africa, his career is a tapestry of culinary excellence and innovation.

With a solid foundation starting with his apprenticeship at Auberge la Chancelière and formal training from Lycée Technique d’Hôtelleries et de Tourisme in St Cyr, he brings a wealth of knowledge to our French market classes, sauce-making class, bistro class, and the Cuisine en Famille and Macaron en Famille classes. His warm approach is especially evident in these family-oriented classes, where his experience as a father and grandfather shines through, making each session not only educational but also exceptionally welcoming for children.

Whether crafting delicate pastries or robust sauces, his expertise ensures that each class is not only educational but also an insightful gastronomic journey.

His passion for sharing his culinary knowledge is matched only by his love for creating memorable food experiences, making him the perfect guide for both novices and seasoned cooks looking to delve deeper into the art of French cuisine. Join him for a session and transform the way you cook, one delicious recipe at a time.

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