Where to find the best chocolate in Paris

Valentine’s Day may be behind us but our craving for chocolate remains and as winter wears on it seems only natural to be craving something sweet to brighten our mood under the gray skies. If you are visiting Paris (or if you live here), you may have caught the many offers for Valentine’s Day Chocolate classes in Paris. In France, you never need an excuse to eat chocolate but a celebration of your sweetheart or a steaming cup of chocolat chaud seems particularly appropriate during February in France.

best chocolate in Paris

While regional delicacies across the country run the gamut of pastry styles and delights – frangipane, fondant, caramel, and more – chocolate remains a classic choice for whatever your excuse for indulging in Paris. Whether you are looking to delve into the world of chocolate confection in hands-on private chocolate-making class or if you prefer to just snag them off the chocolatiers’ shelf Paris will never disappoint your sweet tooth. The city is home to several cooking schools offering practical hands-on chocolate classes and world-renowned chocolate shops. If you’re looking to buy chocolate while in Paris, for the best chocolate in Paris, here are some of our favorites:


1 – Chocolat Alain Ducasse

best chocolate in paris
Alain Ducasse makes chocolate for every occasion, constantly introducing new cocoa-based treats with each holiday and season. Visit his 11th arrondissement Manufacture, or workshop, and you’ll discover that Valentine’s Day is no exception. This year the maรฎtre de chocolat proposed a selection of milk and dark chocolate hearts for Valentine’s day in addition to the year-round selection of chocolate-covered candied fruits and a next-level Nutella-style chocolate spread.

2 – Debauve & Gallais

best chocolate in ParisPosh Parisians swear by this chocolatier, which has been serving sweets to the city since 1817. Enjoy a piece of history by picking up a box of pistoles which the shop claims to be the โ€œfirst crunchy chocolate in historyโ€ and was created for Marie-Antoinette herself. The shop also sells a selection of teas to pair with your chocolate and make a great afternoon treat for Galentine’s Day!

3 – Jacques Genin

It’s impossible to talk about the best chocolate in Paris without mentioning Jacques Genin, whose 3rd and 7th arrondissement shops are testaments to the joys of chocolate. Bright colors and ganache collide to make a selection of chocolates made with the highest quality ingredients. Even if you’re giving Valentine’s Day a pass this year, be sure that a box of chocolate from this boutique is always a reason to celebrate.


5 – La Maison du Chocolat

Another best chocolate in Paris contender is none other than the institution, La Maison du Chocolat (one of David Lebovitz’s favorites I might add), is often the last stop on a Paris vacation to be sure that visitors take a taste of the city home. For Valentine’s Day this year, the shop proposed its classic crimson heart-shaped gift boxes in addition to limited edition gift boxes by artist Nicolas Cloiseau, featuring scenes of love in the City of Light.

6 – Pierre Hermรฉ

It’s officially Love Week at Paris chocolate shop Pierre Hermรฉ, where Valentine’s Day is in full effect. This year the shop has partnered with artist Florence Bamberger to create pop art-inspired packaging Hermรฉ’s range of French chocolates and pastries. Personalized macarons may tempt you to stray from the classic box of chocolate, but the almost too-cute-to-eat milk chocolate and pine nut chocolate hearts will surely put you back on track!

So tell us, where have you had the best chocolate in Paris?

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best chocolate in paris

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