A Pastry Chef’s Guide to Patisserie Shops in Paris

There are so many patisserie shops in Paris, how can you choose?! Well, here’s our pastry chef instructor, Sarah‘s guide to Paris Patisserie shops that are an absolute must-see, must-snap, must-taste!

Where to go for the best croissant? Or the most delectable รฉclair? Here are a handful of Parisian bakeries and pastry stores that I (Chef Sarah) recommend. In full disclosure, I have a personal link to each of these placesโ€”someone who was formative in my evolution as a pastry chef.ย 

Pains Bio de Stephane

Pain au levain (or sourdough) made the old-fashioned way, everything is done by hand from kneading to rolling out the pie dough. The focus is on a sustainable business from small, local producers to taking the time to get to know each customer.

49 Rue Sarrette, 75014 Paris

FB: @lespainsbiodestephan IG: @lespainsdestephane

Christophe Louie

Christophe Louieโ€™s newest adventure has found him moving away from the technicality of pastry into the sensuality of panettone. His brand new (September 2023) store just opened in the third and, in addition to his legendary panettone, thereโ€™s also pain au levain (sourdough) and bakerโ€™s pastriesโ€”all executed to his high standard of quality and precision.

12 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003 Paris

IG: @christophelouie

Benoit Castel

Benoit Castel has always been at the forefront of the next trend, so I always watch to see what heโ€™s doing to get an idea of whatโ€™s around the corner. He has always placed a premium on high quality ingredients and simplicity. If you can get reservations for his weekend brunch, it is delicious.

150 Rue de Mรฉnilmontant, 75020 Paris

IG:@benoit_castel FB: BenoitCastelOfficiel

Boulangerie Bo

Just steps away from the Marchรฉ dโ€™Aligre, Boulangerie Bo has some of my favorite viennoiseries in town. The cakes combine Japanese sensibilities and flavor with French technique and tradition. Itโ€™s also worth a stop just to see the gorgeous faรงade of this bakery.

85bis Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris

IG: @boulangeriebo


Also close to the Marchรฉ dโ€™Aligre, Nanan started out as a two-woman operation, the chefs were alsoย  behind the counter selling their cakes. The team has expanded, but the delicate, feminine touch is still present in everything they make.ย 

38 Rue Keller, 75011 Paris

FB:@patisserienanan IG: @Patisserie_nanan

Chocolaterie Ducasse

The Ducasse name has always been synonymous with high quality. For me, this is some of the best chocolate around. I recommend the store in the 11th, the original Manufacture, where the beans were roasted and transformed into 100% cocoa paste and, at the right time, itโ€™s possible to watch the chocolatiers at work.

40 Rue de la Roquette, 75011 Paris

How to take these delectable treats home with you if you don’t live in Paris…

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