12 Kitchen tools no cook should do without

Tools of the trade:ย 12 Kitchen tools no cook should do without

Some of us would run out and grab the latest gadget for the kitchen just because a new recipe calls for it, while other may not have in terms of tools at all. But there are just some things that most chefs will agree on when it comes to kitchen tools.

If you love cooking, there are a minimum number of utensils you need in your kitchen. Of course there are a lot of gadgets and electronics that can make cooking and baking a lot easier, but you’d be surprised how many kitchens are missing a few of these basic items. First of all, having the right equipment and spending a bit more for quality equipment will not only make your task a lot easier, you’ll be able to keep them for years to come. Here are the 11 most important utensils every kitchen should have.


1)ย  A Good Selection of Knives

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Chef’s knife

Opt for an 8 to 9 inch (20 cm) blade with a thick bolster, the metal extends from the handle to the edge of the blade and acts as a finger guard while you’re chopping. This knife should feel comfortable in your hand.

Paring knife

The blade should fall between 3 to 4 inches (8 cm) for small, fine cuts like coring tomatoes and peeling fruits and vegetables. A sturdy model’s blade will extend through the handle.

Serrated bread knife

You want a rigid blade of at least 8 inches 20 (cm) and an offset handle, which will let you slice through sandwiches without banging your knuckles on the cutting board.


ย 2) Peelerย 


kitchen tools

It removes the skin from both vegetables and fruits. Select one with a comfortable grip and an eyer to remove potato eyes and other blemishes on vegetables and fruits. It’s also handy for making Parmesan cheese shavings or chocolate curls.

3)ย  Kitchen Shears

Your kitchen shears should be sturdy – you have various options some with serrated edges, some with straight blades. It used to be very popular to have kitchen shears that were specific for cutting through thin bones like you have in poultry. But in any case, it is a handy tool to have.

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4)ย  Cutting Boards

I like the ones made with bamboo. If you clean it well and let it dry properly (standing up), you should not really have too much of a problem with bacteria. Having several boards is nice if you have the space but if you clean your board well, you can have just one.

You should never (for obvious reasons), start chopping raw ingredients on a board that you used to cut meat or fish.

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5)ย  Locking tongs

Very useful for turning meats and tossing vegetables in a skillet.


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6) Food Scale

A must-have if you are a serious baker, because many recipes need to be very precise.


7)ย  Measuring Cups and Spoons

You will also need a complete set of these, as many recipes are given in spoon or cup measurements.


8)ย  Three different sizes whisks

Gives you a lot less to wash up than you kitchen Aid would and is perfect for small tasks – not to mention the muscles you’ll build.


9)ย  Salad spinner

You can use one with a solid bowl for both swishing greens clean and for serving them.


10) Colanders/Strainers


11) Rubber spatulaย ย  ย 

Should be sturdy enough to manoeuvre heavy doughs but flexible enough to get into jar corners. Silicone models are heat-resistant and can be used in pots.


12) Metal spatula

An offset thin blade will allow you to get under delicate items like cookies and pancakes. A medium-length blade will prevent flipping or picking up foods at an awkward angle.

Hope this helps. Happy cooking or baking!


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  1. I prefer bamboo and wooden board for cutting. Wooden and bamboo board is Eco friendly also hygienic. This board is very durable.

    1. Cook'n With Class says:

      We love bamboo boards as well. agree on the durability.

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