The Best Boulangeries in Paris

Paris is renowned for its rich culinary heritage and its exceptional cuisine. From Michelin-starred restaurants to casual bistros, the city is a gastronomic paradise for food lovers. This foodie haven is known as the capital of boulangeries, and for good reason. The city has a long-standing tradition of baking some of the finest bread and pastries in the world. But with only so much time to visit Paris, its best to keep a few key addresses in your pocket to be sure to get the creme de la creme of boulangeries.

Here are some of the best bakeries in Paris that you must try:

Boulangerie Poilâne:

Boulangerie Poilâne is a bakery with a long history and a reputation for making some of the best bread in Paris. Its famous sourdough loaf is made using traditional techniques and is known for its rich, crusty texture and distinctive flavor. The bakery also offers a variety of pastries and cakes, This is the place you want to visit for a delicious breakfast or a quick bite.

83 Rue de Crimée, 75019 Paris


Pain Pain:

Pain Pain is a small, family-run bakery that specializes in artisanal breads, pastries, and cakes. The bakery uses only the finest ingredients, including organic flour and local produce, to create its delicious treats. Its charming atmosphere and warm hospitality make it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

22 rue Caulaincourt – 75018 Paris

Boulangerie Bo:

Chef Sarah swears by this bakery, it has all the traditional French treats you would hope for as well as being committed to using organic and locally-sourced ingredients. I would recommend that you visit early in the morning to avoid crowds! Sarah notes that their sourdough is amazing and if you’re in the area go to marché aligres which is around the corner!

5 bis Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris

Du Pain et Des Idées:

At Du Pain et des Idées, they have a reputation for their hearty, rustic loaves (the pain des amis is a must-try), as well as their mini-pavés – small, doughy bread in the shape of cobblestones that are often stuffed with cheese, veggies, or other savory fillings. And you don’t want to forget to indulge in their chocolate-pistachio escargot pastries, which are shaped like pinwheels. This is a pretty darn busy establishment, so the staff might come across as brisk, but rest assured it’s only to keep the line moving smoothly. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask about any unfamiliar ingredients, the staff is happy to help!

34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris

du pain et des idees best boulangeries of paris


At Chambelland’s flagship location, you’ll find an impressive selection of all-gluten-free baked goods, including breads, cookies, cakes, and pastries. For lunch, they offer a range of sandwiches, soups, and salads, all made with homemade gluten-free breads and focaccias. Rather than comparing their gluten-free products to conventional ones, it’s best to appreciate them for what they are – unique and delicious in their own right. In fact, you don’t need to be gluten-intolerant to enjoy them. Their chocolate-chip cookies are just as good as any others you’ve had elsewhere.

14 Rue Ternaux, 75011 Paris


Paris is home to some of the best bakeries in the world, offering a delicious array of sweet treats, artisanal breads, and creative pastries. Whether you are looking for a classic French bakery or a modern patisserie, Paris has something for everyone. So, whether you’re grabbing a quick croissant or settling in for a leisurely breakfast, these bakeries are sure to provide you with a memorable culinary experience.

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