Favorite Foodie Souvenirs & Gifts from Paris

One of the hardest things about saying goodbye to Paris after a trip to the city is knowing that you’re also bidding adieu to its food. Gastronomy and food culture are some of the biggest draws of a visit to the French capital. Eating your way through the city is the best way to explore the Parisian food scene and create lasting memories. While you will be leaving the bistro behind when you head home, you don’t have to leave Paris empty-handed. There are plenty of easy to pack, delicious souvenirs that foodies can tuck into their suitcases to ensure that their taste of Paris lingers just a little longer. Perfect as gifts or just as a means of taking the edge off of coming back to reality after a French adventure, food souvenirs are an inexpensive way to take home a slice of the city. Here are a few of our favorites:

Honey from Paris Rooftops

Audric de Campeau tends to a handful of beehives located on the rooftops of some of the city’s most distinguished monuments and institutions including the Musรฉe d’Orsay, Ecole Militaire, Institut de France, and Le Cordon Bleu. With the help of his loyal beagle Philou, Audric spends his time beekeeping at the level of the Paris skyline, cultivating honey that he later transforms into hydromel, nougat, and โ€“ of course- small jars of golden honey. This sought after souvenir comes at a pretty penny, making you wonder if it actually is liquid gold, but the taste of Paris truly comes through in this urban confection which is one of the most unique food souvenirs you could ever bring home from abroad.

Miel de Paris

Locally Roasted Coffee

Just because you’ve left the city behind doesn’t mean you can’t start your day off like a Parisian. Let yourself be transported to a charming corner cafรฉ by brewing up freshly roasted beans from Paris. The city’s coffee revolution, which now has almost a decade behind it, has given us a variety of Paris based roasters to choose from. Early in the first wave of craft coffee shops was 18th arrondissement neighborhood spot Cafรฉ Lomi. Another iconic Paris coffee brand is Belleville Brรปlerie which now has locations all over the city. Both roasters sell beans on site as well as in their online shops which make your next great cup of coffee that much easier to order and take home with you!

Belleville Roastery ย 

Paris Brewed Beer

In addition to a growing craft coffee movement in Paris, craft beer has had a huge boom in recent years. While the Paris suburbs prices are more attractive to brewers looking to set up shop (including well-loved breweries such as Deck & Donohue in Montreuil and Outland in Fountenay-sous-Bois) there are a few breweries located within Paris. Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or makes beers inspired by the Barbรจs and Goutte d’Or neighborhoods, pulling inspiration from the African and Indian markets that surround the 18th arrondissement brewery. BAPBAP is a working microbrewery located in the 11th arrondissement. In addition to their online shop, BAPBAP also offers beer sales on site as well as guided tours of the brewery (15 euro/person, 90 minutes- price includes a tasting of five different beers).


French Pantry Essentials

One inexpensive and long-lasting souvenir idea is to stock your pantry with French specialties including Sel de Guรฉrande, Buckwheat Flour, Herbes de Provence, and Dijon Mustard. Easy to pack and bursting with French flavor, these regional specialties will take you on a tour de France in your own home. In order to ensure the authenticity of each product, buy them from a reliable source. Le Producteur Local is a nonprofit grocery store in the 20th arrondissement that works closely with all of its producers and suppliers to guarantee a high-quality product for the consumer without a marked-up resale price. Lโ€™Epicerie du Verre Volรฉ, a member of the wine driven Verre Volรฉ family, stocks carefully selected French products that represent the best of the country’s terroir and gastronomy. Stocking up on dried goods is best done in bulk, and luckily the city is seeing an explosion in bulk food shopping options. Some favorite spots to ag your own pantry basics include L’Epicerie Kilogramme, La Graineterie du Marchรฉ, and the Italian import Negozio Leggero.

Producteur Local

Kitchen Supplies

If you want a foodie treat that will last longer than a bar of chocolate, you may want to consider buying French housewares while in town. The city is full of shops stocking French made products and tools essential to recreating specialties at home. Head to La Trรฉsorie for a wide selection of crรชpe pans, Opinel knives, and beautiful wooden spoons and linens also made in France. E Dehillerin has been serving home cooks and professional chefs for almost two hundred years. A favorite spot to shop for Julia Child, here you’ll find everything from gorgeous copper pots to aprons and jam jars. Check out Where to find quality cookware and supplies in Paris for more food lovers’ gift ideas while in Paris as well.

E Dehillerin Apron


Looking for more souvenirs that will last a lifetime?

Besides things that you can physically take home, a Cooking class is a great way to take home the best kind of souvenir – new skills, and deeper love of food & culture. When in Paris, be sure to check out a French cooking class from the Cook’n With Class chefs and go home with some amazing food-loving memories. On your way out, you can also have a look at the boutique

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