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October4, 2017
by Emily Dilling

A taste for French wines – Enjoying the harvest season in France

The Fall marks the grape harvest season. A great time to visit the numerous wineries of France. But if a winery visit is not in the cards, at least you can enjoy the wonderful wines of France not only in bars but also during wine tastings.

October3, 2017
by Sue Bullen

Perfect Paris Parks

While in Paris for 2 months, Sue not only helped out at Cook’n with class picking up valuable kitchen skills, she also explored Paris’s many parks.

September5, 2017
by Emily Dilling

Seasonality in the City

We are all about eating fresh & seasonal foods but it’s not always easy to be aware of the seasons in a big city where everything is so readily available. Emily has some tips for you on how to make the best of the season even in the city.

August12, 2017
by Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

7 Places for the best views of Paris

It’s not just atop the Eiffel Tower that you get a spectacular view of the city and while not every sky-high view will have you looking at a well-known

August9, 2017
by Cook'n With Class

Cook’n With Class set to offer a Michelin-studded Chef’s Table – Food & Wine Pairing event in Paris

On Tuesday September 26th, 2017 – Chef Geoffroy Maillard and chef Eric Fraudeau will join their culinary forces to bring us a special Chef’s Table – Food & Wine Pairing event “à quartre mains”. Chef Maillard is chef/owner of Michelin-starred restaurant, La Table d’Eugène & French Tapas bar – La Rallonge. Chef Eric Fraudeau is chef/owner and creator of Cook’n With Class Paris and Cook’n With Class Uzès.

July16, 2017
by Eric Fraudeau

Thank you from Chef Eric Fraudeau – Cook’n With Class

It’s been 10 years since I opened our French cooking school in Paris. Over 30,000 students has passed through our doors. I am so grateful to all those who have played a role in the last decade of cooking, baking and tasting in Paris & Uzès.

July15, 2017
by Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

Bastille Day Celebrations – Fireworks Display

14 juillet – Bastille Day. Fireworks. Firemen’s balls & fanfare. What is this day all about in the first play. And a replay of this Bastille Day’s fireworks display.

June27, 2017
by Cook'n With Class

Top 13 Picks for a Picnic in Paris

It’s that time of year again so grab a picnic basket, some chilled wine and head off to the one of the many Parisian parks to find your haven of tranquility. The Parisian picnic is a way of life in the summertime and helps us city dwellers to escape and unwind without having to go far.