Getting your refreshing Summer drink fix in Paris

Where to drink in Paris – getting your refreshing Summer drink fix in Paris

When summertime comes to Paris it gets hot and while we love the heat of the summer holidays, navigating the city can become a tiring task when the temperatures rise. As you tour the city, it’s important to take regular pit stops to sip on refreshing drinks and seek out a shaded terrace or cool bar to get a break from the stifling heat. Luckily, Paris is a great place for drink breaks- from revitalizing citrus-based beverages to alluring cocktails adapted to the season- you’re sure to find something to restore your energy and stave off exhaustion. Here are a few great places to include on your heat wave itinerary.

Where to drink in Paris
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When life gives you a heat wave, make lemonade.

The classic French summer drink is the citron pressรฉ, a simple concoction made up of freshly pressed lemon juice, and a few spoonfuls of sugar, and finished off with the addition of cold water. This DIY drink can be ordered at any neighborhood cafรฉ or bistro and should be enjoyed liberally, as you perfect your own tableside recipe with the ingredients that take up a tray of their own. If you want to take the citrus drink to the next level, there are a few spots in Paris that are making this drink a delicacy. One such place is the 2nd arrondissement doughnut shop Boneshaker, whose menu includes a delicious classic lemonade along with a seasonal fruit lemonade (the Rhubarb Lemonade is a favorite). Their summer menu also includes the house specialty- Wafa’s Watermelon Drink– a Watermelon, Mint, and Rosemary cocktail that promises to get you back on your feet. For more refreshing citrus drinks, check out Mokonuts whose orange blossom lemonade is heaven-sent on a hot day.

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Embrace the aperitif.

The long days of summer often lead to long days of drinking. In Paris the sun sets late in the summer, sometimes leaving you lingering in the last signs of daylight as late as 10 pm. These seductive rays make it hard to call it a night, and why would you- nothing beats a Paris sunset and it’s worth it to wait out the color show in the sky that comes with the coucher du soleil. If you want to savor every last minute of terrace time and be able to stand up and walk away afterward, the secret is sipping on aperitif-style drinks. These low alcohol drinks are refreshing and flavorful and make great companions for a session of day drinking. Probably the best-known aperitif bar is Le Mary Celeste, where the drinks menu changes with the season but always stays exciting and goes well with small plates from the bar menu. Lockwood is another great cocktail bar that proposes a selection of low alcohol drinks and an aperitivo spread of snacks for happy hour.


Where to drink in Paris
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Make your summer sparkle.

Nothing says holidays and sunny days like a glass of sparkling wine. Bubbles don’t have to break the bank, and some of the best bottles you’ll find in the city won’t come from Champagne, but rather from the various wine-making regions that are focusing on pรฉtillant naturel or natural sparkling wine. When the weather is nice, there’s nothing nicer than a chilled bottle of sparkling wine on the terrace of Le Cafรฉ de la Nouvelle Mairie where you can also order wine by the glass. If you’re looking to take your bubbles on the go, stop off at Le Verre Volรฉ for a bottle (they often have a selection pre-chilled in their fridge) that you can take with you for a picnic along the Canal Saint Martin.


Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie. Photo: Le Fooding


Take a beer break.

The growing craft beer revolution in Paris has resulted in a large selection of bars to enjoy a great cold beer at almost any time of the day. If you’re looking for some afternoon terrace lounging, head to Paname Brewing Company for one of the best views of the canal and house made beers. If you don’t mind a crowd, neighborhood beer bars are great for gatherings and often turn into impromptu street parties. The 18th arrondissement is the unofficial beer capital of the city and its hole in the wall bars like L’Alibi and Le Supercoin are the place to be for affordable beers and a taste of the local scene.


l’Alibi – photo credit: L’Alibi

It’s always cocktail hour in Paris.

Thanks to an almost decades worth of maturation in the local cocktail scene, Paris has made a name for itself as a legitimate cocktail destination. These bars are no strangers to current food trends and many of them also embrace seasonality and changing menus that are adapted to the time of year. Whether it be the style of the cocktail or its ingredients, cocktail menus across the city are adjusted to the weather and mood of the season. 52 Martinis is a great site to follow for updates on seasonal menus at the city’s cocktails bars. Otherwise, local favorites such asย Copper Bay, and Dirty Dick regularly offer seasonal menus with refreshing summer drinks in time for summer.


Where to drink in Paris
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