A Pastry Chef’s Guide: Paris with Dietary Restrictions

Embarking on a Parisian adventure often conjures images of buttery croissants, flaky pastries, and sumptuous cheesesโ€”a dream for many but it can be a challenge to enjoy Paris with dietary restrictions. Fear not, for Sarah Tyler, our esteemed pastry chef at Cook’n With Class, has crafted the ultimate guide to savoring the culinary delights of Paris, all while honoring your dietary needs. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or catering to a friend’s dietary preferences, Sarah’s insider knowledge unveils a treasure trove of Parisian spots that promise inclusivity without compromising on taste. Join us as we explore the city’s hidden gems, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the gastronomic joys of Paris!

How to experience Paris pastries with dietary restrictions? Here are some places I recommend which cater to vegan, gluten free or low-GI diets.ย 

Paris for Vegan Foodies

Land and Monkeys

Founded by Rodolphe Landemaine of the Landemaine chain, this place isnโ€™t advertised as strictly vegan, but everything, from the salads to breads to pastries, is free of animal products. Lots of locations around Paris and some gluten free options as well.

VG Patisserie

One of the first vegan pastry stores in Paris, many gluten free options as well.

Mon Epicerie

What is Paris without bread and cheese? This all vegan grocery store carefully selects high quality vegan cheese from mostly European producers, as well as many other vegan goodies.

Cloud Cakes

More of an anglo-saxon feel, coffee shop and cupcakes. A good place for a pause when exploring the Montergueil area.

Paris for Gluten Free Foodies

Jo and Nana Cakes

Specializing in both American and French style cakes, they now offer brunch and afternoon tea in their coffee shop. Gluten free options.

Cook’n With Class Macaron Classes

Discover the gluten-free delight of macarons in Paris and take the recipes home with you with Cook’n With Class. Offering a trio of macaron classes catering to diverse preferences. Dive into the three-hour macaron class for a comprehensive experience or opt for the two-hour express macaron session for a quicker taste of French pastry perfection. Families can bond over the delightful macaron en famille class designed for kids. Expert chefs guide participants through hands-on sessions, ensuring not only gluten-free delights but also a newfound confidence in crafting these iconic treats. PS you might find me teaching your class!


THE Parisian address for gluten free breads and pastries. Their reputation is well deserved.

Maison Plume

Not only gluten free, but also specializing in low GI pastries, this is a cozy place in the upper Marais.

Yummy and GuiltFree

Belgian-style waffles, both savory and sweet.

No Glu

Originally a restaurant, No Glu has branched out to pastries as well. Some vegan options.

macaron class CooknWithClassParis for Low GI Foodies

Les Belles Envies

Up to 60% less sugar than traditional pastries, but still gorgeous and delicious.

Oh, Oui

Low sugar and natural ingredients are a winning combination.

There we have it, now you know that even if Paris is known for it’s love of bread, croissants and butter, the talented chefs in this city know how to get that authentic taste even when certain ingredients are interdit!

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