Things to Do in Paris With Friends

Hey there, globe-trotters and bon vivants! Ready to dive into the heart of Paris with your besties by your side? Whether you’re in it for the divine wines, the decadent sweets, or simply to soak up the Parisian chic, we’ve got the ultimate guide to making your Paris getaway unforgettable. Grab your pals, pack your zest for adventure, and let’s whisk you away on a journey filled with flavor, fun, and a dash of sass. Welcome to your dream Parisian adventure with friends!

Wine Not? The Best Wine Bars in Paris

First stop, the legendary wine bars of Paris. Imagine clinking glasses in the cozy corners of Adonis Wine Bar,ย basking in the bohemian vibes of La Bascule in Montmartre or sipping your natural wines with perfectly paired ice cream at Folderol. These aren’t just wine bars; they’re your ticket to tasting the world, one sip at a time. And to know more about the wine you’re sipping, make sure to book a cheese and wine tasting class while you’re in Paris!ย It’s not just about the wine; it’s about the stories, the laughter, and those “remember when” moments you’ll cherish forever. To craft your weekend wine activities here’s your source for the perfect girls’ weekend in Parisย 

wine bars things to do in paris

Let Them Eat Cake: Marie Antoinette Pรขtisserie Class

Next, we’re whisking you away (pun intended) to a world where flour flies and sugar reigns supreme. The Marie Antoinette Pรขtisserie Class is your chance to don those aprons and dive hands-first into the art of French baking. Create, giggle, and maybe even engage in a friendly pastry duel. It’s not just a class; it’s an invitation to create, and indulge in the sweeter side of life.

marie antoinette things to do in paris

Feast Your Way Through Paris

Paris is a culinary universe waiting to be explored. From the vibrant food festivals that paint the town with flavors from around the globe to the cheese shops that offer a taste of France’s heart and soul, there’s a feast at every corner. And for those chilly Parisian days? Warm up with the city’s best hot chocolatesโ€”because nothing says “Paris” quite like sipping on liquid chocolate under a cozy cafรฉ awning.

A Toast to Friendship: The Vineyard of Montmartre

If you’re lucky enough to visit Paris in October, you should be toasting to your friendship in Paris’s last vineyard during the Fete de Vendanges. It’s a celebration of wine, yes, but also of the enduring spirit of camaraderie and adventure. Wander through the vines if you book your vineyard pass early enough (I’m not kidding, the free visits will be sold out by October 1st!), savor the local produce at the wine stalls at the top of the hill, and let the magic of Montmartre remind you that some moments are truly timeless.

Get Wild Foraging Mushrooms together:

For those of you who want a more outdoorsy adventure in the Paris region, start mushroom foraging! It’s a unique activity that could add an adventurous twist to your trip. Especially for those interested in the culinary treasures of the French countryside and a story to write home about! To make sure you do it right be sure to read this guide to foraging mushrooms in France.

Each recommendation is a chapter in your Paris adventure, promising not just sights, but memories that bind. As you explore, laugh, and indulge together, you’re not just tourists; you’re storytellers crafting a tale of friendship, flavor, and the magic of Paris. And for those looking to elevate this journey into a full-blown epicurean escapade, consider diving into Let’s Eat The World’s culinary week in Paris. Here, a week of cooking, tasting, and exploring awaits, designed to deepen your connection with the city and each other. It’s more than a trip. It’s a shared voyage into the heart of culinary Paris. Where every meal is a moment, and every flavor tells a story. So, gather your friends, pack your appetite for adventure, and let Paris unfold its wonders one bite, one laugh, and one cherished memory at a time.

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