Your Guide to the 2024 Olympics in Paris

The 2024 Olympics in Paris are not just a display of top athletic prowess but also a fantastic opportunity for visitors to explore the rich culinary and cultural tapestry of Paris. Hereโ€™s a guide to the 2024 Olympics in Paris for how to make the most of your visit during the games, from catching the sporting events to navigating the city and keeping your spending in check.

Key Events to Watch

The opening ceremony is set to be a grand affair at the Stade de France on July 26th, 2024. Major events like athletics will take place at the iconic Stade de France, while new sports such as breakdancing make their debut, promising a fresh and vibrant spectacle. This will be a unique event, as it’s planned to extend along and on the River Seine, offering a new format with a wider public viewing experienceโ€‹. But my gosh the ticket prices are something else! When you’re browsing them, just remember that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. The Seine will also host open-water swimming and triathlon events, offering stunning backdrops of the cityscapeโ€‹.

For those daring athletes considering taking a dip in the Seine during the Olympics, the river’s cleanliness remains a topic of concern. Despite a significant investment of โ‚ฌ1.4 billion to improve its condition, recent tests have still shown “alarming” levels of bacteria, posing health risks for athletes and attendees alike. Efforts to connect river docks and boats to the sewage system and construct large rainwater overflow tanks like the Austerlitz Basin are underway to meet safety standards in time for the games. So while the city races against time to polish its watery gem, I hope the swimmers are ready to keep their mouths tightly shut mid-swim!

For the Paris 2024 Olympics, ticket prices for the opening ceremony range from approximately โ‚ฌ98 to nearly โ‚ฌ3,000. The most expensive tickets available for the general events can go as high as โ‚ฌ690โ€‹.

seineViewing Options

Within France, the Games will be broadcast by Warner Bros. Discovery and France Tรฉlรฉvisions, ensuring widespread access both on paid and free-to-air platforms.

There will be open-air broadcasts in Paris during the 2024 Olympics. Several fan zones will be set up across the city where visitors can watch the games on big screens. These zones will also offer sports demonstrations, cultural events, and food venues! enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Club France will set up its base in Parc de La Villette, offering a communal space where French athletes and supporters can gather to celebrate their performances and enjoy live broadcasts of the events. This park will also host zones dedicated to teams from other nations.

Parc des Marnes will serve as a prime viewing location for the womenโ€™s marathon, which is slated to be the concluding competition of the Olympics.

At Trocadรฉroโ€™s Champions Park, festivities continue as medalists from the day before participate in parades greeting sessions with fans, with live broadcasting of Olympic highlights.

Paris City Hall has set up a whole host of โ€˜fan zonesโ€™ across the city, which are free to attend! Visit Paris Je T’aime (the Paris Tourist Board) for all the viewing zones to discover.

Budgeting for the Games

Visiting Paris during the Olympics doesn’t have to break the bank. Planning ahead is crucialโ€”book accommodations early and consider package deals or staying a bit outside the city center for better rates. Eating like a local by heading to one of the many food markets or don’t be shy to get lunch at a street food vendor instead of tourist traps. Read up on how to dine like a Parisian and explore free attractions like the many Paris parks, can significantly cut costs. Keep an eye on events in Paris that are scheduled to take place during your time here, as many of these are free or very affordable. Finally, make sure that the events you choose to pay for are worth the money, lasting memories and new skills that are at the heart of the culture you’re visiting such as cooking classes, are always a good idea.

What’s more, there are free events to enjoy!

  • Don’t miss the Paris 2024 triathlon! The swimming (1.5 km), cycling (40 km) and running (10 km) events in the triathlon take place right in the centre of Paris: in the Seine and along the quays, ย you can follow along the route and cheer them on as they pass by.
  • On 10 and 11 August 2024, marathon runnersย will be heading ย on a circular route between Paris and Versailles. They start at Paris City Hall and will be running towards Boulogne-Billancourt, Sรจvres, Ville-d’Avray, Versailles, Viroflay, Chaville, Meudon and Issy-les-Moulineaux. You can catch them at the end of the circuit at the Esplanade des Invalides.
  • All theย road cycling events can be watched for free. Starting on 27 July 2024 with the ‘time-trial’, the men’s route on August 3rd, and then the women’s route on August 4th – you just have to stand by the route they take and you’re in for free! The road cycling starts at Trocadรฉro and then they will take the direction towards Rambouillet in the Yvelines, viaย Versailles. You can see the final length of the route atย  Montmartre (the butte) (and there is so much more to see at Montmartre before the end of the race).

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Key Events Calendar:

For the official calendar from the Olympic group be sure to check this page, for day-by-day competitions and their start times. Here’s a summary for you to find the day taht most interests you during your visit.

Getting Around Paris

Navigating Paris during the Olympics can be a breeze with a little planning. The Paris Metro interactive map will be the lifeline during the Olympics, letting you know about the various closures or recommendations. The city is also enhancing its cycling lanes and promoting walking routes to offer pleasant and eco-friendly alternatives to get around.ย  Be sure to understand how to purchase your Metro tickets before your arrive to get the best deal.

Enjoy Paris Beyond the Olympics

When youโ€™re not cheering on your favorite athletes, take the chance to dive into Parisโ€™s renowned culinary scene. Visit local markets, take a food tour, or join a cooking class at Cook’n With Class to enrich your Paris experience. And don’t miss out on exploring neighborhoods like Montmartre or the Latin Quarter for a taste of Parisian life beyond the tourist sites.

Embrace the spirit of the games and the charm of Paris with these tips to ensure a memorable and thrilling experience at the Paris 2024 Olympics!

The Olympics at Cook’n With Class

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