Parisian are Spoiled: Markets in Paris

Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit Paris and stay close to a fresh food market is blessed and may be thinking, “Wow, are the Parisians spoiled or what?”

I think back to countless guests coming into Paris to visit me and taking them to my nearby market which I have to admit I took for granted until recently, and having them look wide-eyed at me and say, “Is this stuff for real?” “How are the tomatoes so red?” “Look at how fresh and pretty everything looks!”

Fruit Markets in Paris Shine Like Jewels

gariguette strawberries

Tourists can’t help but stop and take photos as they pass by the markets. It is just too surreal for some. I always thought this was funny – well I guess not always because when I was a student in Paris some years back, I too was snapping away taking photos of peaches, plums, melons, grapes, tomatoes, fish, cheese, and much more. They were like those shiny magazine covers – photos you could almost eat.

But the Parisian, well he or she just thinks, “Oh, yeah, I just popped down the street to get those peaches that I forgot to buy earlier today.” or “What is life without that fresh baguette.” The Parisian is so well adjusted to market shopping they will swagger through the stalls without a hitch to pick up what they need, but if you’re visiting you might want to take a moment to look through a shopper’s guide to the markets.

Paris Cheese Markets, A Love Affair Waiting For Your Arrival

cheese market paris

After my first stay in Paris, I returned to New York and desperately wanted to continue the tradition of fresh produce, fresh bread, and great cheese. Not impossible but a challenge indeed with a rather hefty price tag to boot. Sure there are farmers’ markets and there is always Whole Foods but never did I realize just how blessed I am with selection and what I call the option of “food snobbery”, than when I went down to Florida for an extended visit and wanted to get some fruits and veggies (picture a sad face). I thought Sunshine State right, they HAVE to have great produce, no? Well some places did but most did not. All I kept thinking was, “I miss Paris!”

pirates of montmartre

So when you are thinking of places to stay in Paris, and if you love good food, you should definitely stay close to a market if you can. Not just for the food, but for the experience and buy, buy, buy and taste and enjoy because there is truly nothing like this experience.

Markets to Discover in Paris

Now here are a few of our favorite markets or market streets (keep in mind that in the pricier neighborhoods of Paris your produce will cost you more and isn’t necessarily better). Some markets are open daily and others are bi-weekly. These are the essentials, but know that there are at least 20 great markets to discover in Paris!

boucherie pinon

Rue de Poteau (Everyday except Sundays and Mondays)

Rue de Poteau is a bustling street located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, running through the vibrant Montmartre neighborhood. Known for its lively atmosphere and diverse offerings, Rue de Poteau is home to shops, cafes, restaurants, and a bustling market. This market is alive with spirit as the vendors are friendly faces to all and are happy to guide you to the best in the market. If you’re not sure yet how to interact at the market or would like to go beyond the surface be sure to book a French Market Class!

Enfants Rouges Market – 39 rue de Bretagne

The Enfants Rouges Market is one of Paris’s oldest covered markets, dating back to the 17th century. Situated in the vibrant Marais district, this market offers an array of fresh produce, meats, seafood, cheeses, baked goods, and international delicacies. Its name, which translates to “Red Children Market,” is derived from the nearby Hospice des Enfants-Rouges, a former orphanage whose children wore red uniforms.

Today, the Enfants Rouges Market is a bustling hub of activity, attracting locals and tourists alike with its charming atmosphere and wide selection of gourmet foods. Visitors can explore the various stalls and vendors, sampling freshly prepared dishes from around the world or picking up ingredients for their own culinary creations.

Rue Mouffetard (metro: Censier Daubenton; everyday but Monday)

Rue Mouffetard is a charming market street located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Known for its lively atmosphere and historic cobblestone streets, Rue Mouffetard hosts a bustling market offering a variety of fresh produce, cheeses, meats, baked goods, and artisanal products. It’s a favorite spot among locals and visitors alike for experiencing the authentic Parisian market scene.

rue mouffetard

Rue Montorgueil (Everyday but Monday)

Rue Montorgueil is another vibrant market street situated in the heart of Paris. Lined with cafes, bakeries, specialty food shops, and markets, it offers a delightful array of fresh foods, gourmet ingredients, and Parisian delicacies. The lively atmosphere and picturesque surroundings make it a popular destination for food enthusiasts and tourists exploring the city.

Rue Lepic (Everyday but Monday)

Rue Lepic is a charming market street nestled in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris. Offering a mix of traditional French fare, artisanal products, and local specialties, Rue Lepic provides residents and visitors with a taste of authentic Parisian living. From fresh produce to gourmet treats, this market street captures the essence of French culinary culture.

rue lepic

Ave de St Ouen (Everyday but Monday)

Ave de St Ouen is a bustling market area offering everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to clothing, antiques, and household goods. It’s a vibrant hub of activity, attracting locals and tourists alike who seek to explore its eclectic offerings.

Marche Bio des Batignolles – Blvd des Batignolles (on Saturdays)

If you’re all about organic, then this is the perfect market for you. Featuring a wide range of organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, and artisanal goods. his market caters to health-conscious consumers seeking fresh, sustainable produce and eco-friendly products.

Rue Cler

Rue Cler is a quintessential Parisian market street known for its charming atmosphere and gourmet offerings. Located in the 7th arondissmeent, Rue Cler is lined with specialty shops, bakeries, cafes, and outdoor market stalls selling fresh produce, cheese, meats, seafood, and flowers. It’s a favorite destination for food enthusiasts and locals looking to experience the best of French gastronomy.

Marchรฉ d’Aligre

Marchรฉ d’Aligre is a bustling market located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. Comprising both covered market halls and outdoor stalls, Marchรฉ d’Aligre offers a diverse array of products. You’ll find fresh produce, spices, meats, cheeses, and vintage goods. Known for its lively atmosphere and affordable prices, it’s a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

marche aligre eric

Saint-Honorรฉ Market (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

The Saint-Honorรฉ Market is a traditional Parisian market held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Situated in the 1st arrondissement near the famous Rue Saint-Honorรฉ, this market features a wide range of vendors. They sell fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, baked goods, and artisanal products. It’s a charming spot to experience the hustle and bustle of a Parisian market day.

Popincourt Market (in Blvd Richard-Lenoir)

This lively market offers a variety of fresh produce, meats, seafood, cheeses, and specialty foods. It’s a popular shopping destination for locals and visitors in the area.

Marchรฉ Pรจre-Lachaise (Tuesdays & Fridays, metro: Mรฉnilmontant)

this market offers a wide range of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, spices, and prepared foods. It’s a favorite spot among locals for sourcing quality ingredients and enjoying the lively atmosphere of a Parisian market day.

Find more details and an interactive map (in French) with this list by district (there seem to be some missing as they’re not considered markets per say but have great vendors), from the Mairie de Paris: Paris Markets.

In the heart of Paris, the streets come alive with the vibrant energy of bustling markets. Each market offers a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of Parisian life. I encourage you to be more than an observer, book a place in Cook’n With Class’ French Market Class and experience firsthand why Parisians are truly spoiled when it comes to culinary treasures!

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