French Desserts


You’ve probably looked at hundreds of delicious looking dessert photos or even taken plenty of them yourself while eating at Parisian restaurants. No more just looking – now it’s high time you started making your own French desserts like a pro!

Our English-speaking chef will guide you through these tested recipes and give you some great tips in making these classic French desserts at home. After attending the French Desserts Class in Paris, you will know how to prepare numerous luscious sweet treats. We are sure that with these skills in hands, you’ll impress your family and friends at home. And who knows, maybe someone will be snapping photos of your desserts this time.

During the class, we will be using Valrhona Chocolate, made from the purest cocoa beans renowned for its outstanding quality.

  • Crême Brulée
  • Financiers
  • Chocolate Tartelettes
  • Parisian Fruit tart or Soufflé

(Always using fresh and seasonal ingredients)

  • Get a hands-on experience from a professional chef
  • Discover the secrets of French classic desserts
  • Work with tried & tested recipes that can be recreated at home
  • Once the class is finished taste your desserts on-site with a complimentary drink and take home the rest with our takeaway boxes
  • Taught in a fun & relaxed atmosphere, in the heart of charming Montmartre
  • Classes in English

Interested in a more one-on-one experience with our chefs? What to organize an individual or group lesson for a particular period that better fits your schedule? Why not request a private lesson. Private classes are fully customizable. Use the link below to make your request. You can learn more about our private lessons here.

Offer this class as a gift to your friends and family. 

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Do you enjoy Crême brulée, Chocolate Soufflé, Tarts and other delectable French desserts you will no doubt find on any decent bistro menu? Then this class is the class for you! A beginners French Desserts class to learn to make some of the quintessential French Desserts that you might see on a typical Brasserie menu.

We offer our French Dessert Classes in the morning and in the afternoon depending on what works best for you!