Our Top 5 PARIS blog posts of 2018!

We have decided to round up our top 5 favorite blogs posted in 2018!ย  Blogs posted by either one of our guest writers or Cook’n with Class staff members.ย  Here we have narrowed them down and hope that you will read through them once more to prepare for your 2019 in Paris!ย  With each blog post, we have provided a brief introduction to what you will read inside the article. If the topic is something that interests you, then just click the title of the blog or photo to read the article in full! Enjoy!

1. Packing a Lunch in Paris


Although Paris is a world renowned gastronomic destination, not every visitor comes to the city to eat. There are so many things to see and visit while visiting Paris that sometimes food takes a back seat on a touristโ€™s itinerary. For those of you who want to eat on the go but still embrace the Paris food scene, there are a growing number of places where you can grab a quick bite on your way to your next destination or find pieces to put together a perfect picnic! This includes places like Chez Aline! Read on to find out more!

2. Finding the Hidden Gardens of Paris


Since Paris is magical and full of surprises- as well as over 400 municipal parks- a hidden garden is never far away, you just have to know how to find it. A keen eye and an ability to get off the beaten track, even just slightly, are key to finding a refuge from the crowds as you explore the city. Here are some tips on finding your own secret garden in Paris.

3. Paris on the Go – 8 Parisian Fast-Foods for a Quick Lunch


Whether you are sightseeing, running to a meeting, or catching a train sometimes a quick bite is your only option to refuel for the day. Just because itโ€™s fast does not mean it canโ€™t be good! We have provided a great selection of places in this blog for all tastes, selected for the quality, price, and originality. A great fast-food feast in Paris awaits you! Read on!

4. Reservations in Paris – How to Dine Successfullyย 


Get a foodieโ€™s tip on how to manage successfully dining in Paris! If youโ€™re like us, you plan your vacations around eating and drinking!ย  What better way to learn about a culture than through its food and drink! Coming to Paris requires some advance planning, but unfortunately, not many restaurants take reservations online so planning from home, time differences considered, can be difficult. So, continue reading for some tips on planning to dine in all sorts of French restaurants.

5. The 5 Best Paris Coffee Shops Open on Sundayย 


Sundays in Paris are typically considered a day of rest for everyone โ€“ including many restaurants and coffee shops.ย  This leaves Sunday being the least lively day of the week, which includes its Cafรฉ scene.ย  ย Luckily there are still options for those looking to have a lazy Sunday and a cup of craft roasted coffee to go with it. Parisians are fortunate to have a few baristas who hop out of their bed on Sunday morning so we can roll out of ours for a cafรฉ filtre. Not only are there some great options for coffee shops open on Sunday in Paris, but many of these addresses have an innovative approach to the standard coffee shop, offering not just a great selection of hot beverages, but also a fun way to spend your Sunday. Here are a few favorite spots for a leisurely Sunday cafรฉ experience in Paris!



Top 5 Paris Blog Posts of 2018!

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