Vegetarian Food in Paris

When I first moved to Paris many years ago, you could count the number of vegetarian restaurants in the city on one hand – and still have your thumb and index finger free to count something else, like the number of vegetarians you knew in Paris, for example.

All that has changed in recent years and even if I’ve become an omnivore after over a decade of living in France, I can attest to the flourishing selection of places for vegetarians and vegans to eat in the city. Vegetarians no longer have to settle for veggie side dishes or a basket of bread when eating out in Paris. They can even have full on gastronomic experiences thanks to a growing number of plant-minded restaurants and cafés that have opened their doors over the years. But it’s not only vegetarians who can delight in the city of light’s offerings, vegans & those with gluten intolerances are finally also taking their rightful place at the feast. While the list is by new means exhaustive, here are a few faves:

Le Grenier de Notre Dame is one of the few remaining restaurants from the first wave of vegetarian dining establishments in Paris. Open since 1978 it set the stage for veggie restaurants to come. Here you’ll find wholesome dishes with veggie spins like vegetarian stews and hearty plates of pasta.


Le Grenier de Notre-Dame

Le Grenier de Notre-Dame


If Le Grenier de Notre Dame represents the first wave of veggie restaurants in Paris, Le Potager de Charlotte proudly ushers in the second wave, with its innovative all-vegan cuisine and adventurous techniques to make unique and exciting meals. Relying on a range of nuts, grains, seeds, and greens this brother-owned restaurant offers healthy meals that seem impossibly vegan- with creamy sauces and even a convincing dairy free “mayonnaise”!



Le Potager de CharlotteLe Potager de Charlotte


If you’re looking to pursue your plant passion outside of the dining room, check out the newly opened Aujourd’hui & Demain a vegan concept store in the 11th arrondissement. Here you’ll find everything from housewares to fashion items, along with reading material, textiles, and even some specialty vegan pantry items and lunch options to go.


Aujourd’hui & Demain


And for those looking for the gluten-free options in Paris, why not try NOGLU next time you’re in town and check out our pastry chef’s list of vegan, gluten free and low GI patisseries in Paris!

Want to have a go at creating a vegetarian feast on your own? The French market is, of course, a great place to start. But if you are looking for a bit of guidance, Cook’n with Class can easily accommodate vegetarians into their French Market Class as well as in their Cuisine en Famille Class where parents team up with their kids to whip up a 3-course French meal.

Just a few great reasons to visit Paris.


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  1. Laura Decker says:

    I am looking for a macaron or pastry class for myself and my daughter on Tuesday, July 4, Thursday, July 6 or Friday morning July 7. My daughter is gluten and dairy free. Do you offer a class that offers BOTH a gluten and dairy free option? Thank you!

    1. Jessica Greener says:

      Hello Laura,

      Our macaron classes are all gluten-free, and macaron shells are dairy free, however, there are certain fillings we use in the macaron class that do have dairy in them, while others do not. If you would like a tailored class that has zero recipes with dairy in them I would recommend booking a private class. You can read more about how to book a private class on this page, or if you have any further inquiries, please email us at

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