Why the Rooster is the Symbol of France

Hey there, food lovers and Francophiles! If you’ve ever looked up while having coffee or apéro in the lounge area at Cook’n With Class, you may have noticed quite the collection of poultry. Let’s talk about this bird near and dear to our hearts here at Cook’n With Class Paris—the rooster, or as the French say, “le coq.” This isn’t just any barnyard bird; it’s a strutting, crowing symbol of French pride! So, grab a glass of wine (or two), sit back, and let’s dive into why this feathery fellow is such a big deal in France.

why the rooster is the symbol of francePhoto: Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

From the Farmyard to Fame

So, why is the rooster the symbol of France? Well, it all started with a linguistic twist. The Latin word for rooster, “gallus,” also happens to mean “Gaul,” which is what the Romans called the Frenchies way back when. Talk about a pun with staying power! Fast forward to the French Revolution, and the rooster was strutting its stuff as a symbol of vigilance and resilience. It’s like the French saw this proud bird and thought, “Yes, this is exactly the kind of cocky confidence we want to embody!” Getting to know a little French is a great way to improve your experience in the country, second to learning how to cook French cuisine!

Rooster in the Kitchen

The Rooster rules the roost in French cuisine. While perhaps not always easy to come by the rooster is the star of one of France’s classic recipes – the Coq au Vin. This dish takes the humble rooster and bathes it in red wine for a tender and flavorful meal. In most places, the coq has been substituted with the dear old poulet but if you’re ready to try it at home here is a Coq au Vin recipe to bring a taste of France to your kitchen.

coq au vin why rooster is symbol of france
Photo: Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

During one of Let’s Eat The World‘s, Let’s Eat Paris tours where participants joined Chef Eric Fraudeau at the Marché d’Aligre, everyone was delighted to behold a grand rooster – this, of course, resulted in the desire to recreate this authentically French recipe. Our Cook’n With Class founder who certainly knows his French poulets (chickens) taught the group how to master this bird skilfully showing them how to debone a whole chicken (or any bird for that matter).

Artistic Flair and Merchandise

In the spirit of celebrating our beloved rooster symbol of France, we asked one of our favorite illustrators, Claire Makes Things, to create a special rooster design for us. This isn’t just any rooster—it’s our Olympic mascot, and dare we say, it’s better than the official one! You can now find this exclusive design on our merchandise, to bring a piece of French pride home with you. You can find our aprons, apparel, and water bottles with his rooster pride here in our shop.

olympic roosterPhoto: Jessica Greener, Illustration: Claire Makes Things

The Rooster’s Crow

The rooster isn’t just about waking you up at dawn. It’s a symbol of pride, vigilance, and a little bit of that French je ne sais quoi. Whether it’s strutting through the fields or crowing from the rooftops, the rooster symbol of France represents the spirit of France—bold, proud, and unmistakably unique.

At Cook’n With Class, we love sharing these quirky stories and delicious recipes with you. Want to take it up a notch?  Join us for a French Market Class or a French Bistro Class to learn how to pick out your chicken and cook with it for a classic French meal. It’s perfect for impressing your friends at your next dinner party!

why the rooster is symbol of france
Photo: Leonardo Jarro, Canva

So next time you see a rooster, remember, it’s more than just a farmyard bird. It’s a proud symbol of French history and culture. And if you’re feeling inspired, check out our rooster-themed merchandise and celebrate the Paris Olympics with us!

Bon appétit, mes amis!

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