7 Places for the best views of Paris

Updated June 2024

While you immediately think of the Eiffel Tower when you think of places for views of Paris, the problem is that you don’t see the Eiffel Tower. Well that and there are many other wonderful view points in the city to enjoy.

Check out our list of:

7 Places for the best views of Paris

views of ParisPhoto: View from the Eiffel Tower. Photo credit: Li-fen Chen

1)Parc Andrรฉ Citroรซn


views of Paris
photo: Yetunde Oshodi


Paris is full of great parks, and monuments. You probably couldn’t get to them all in one visit. But for those of you who are looking for an alternative view of the city along with a green space this is the place to head.

The Parc Andrรฉ Citroรซn is located in Paris’s 15th arrondissement, just along the Seine river. It offers a wonderful green space to picnic in Parisย  (where you can actually walk on the grass) but not only that. Did you know that this park which is named after French car manufacturer is built over the remains of the automobile factory of the same name?

And what’s more, you can ride in the world’s largest hot air ballon above this park! A little bit of a wait, a few euros later, you are above the city looking at the Seine, The Eiffel Tower and even Sacre Coeur seated majestically atop the hills of Montmartre.

What a spectacular discovery and just another thing to do in Paris. Location: 2 rue Cauchy Paris 15รจme. Air ballon ride: 20 euros for adults and 12 euros for kids (3-11 yrs – free for children under 3) Entrance to the park is free.


2)L’Arc de Triomphe

I’ve climbed the Eiffel Tower but I rather like the view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. But you’ll need to climb to earn this one. A lovely panoramic view of Paris and the handiwork of Haussmann. Cost: 16 euros. Free for under 18 year olds – not too bad.

views of Paris
View from the Arc de Triomphe towards la Dรฉfense. Photo credit: Yetunde Oshodi


3)L’institut du monde arabeย 

Yeah, you will have to line up with everyone even if you just intend to head up to the rooftop restaurant from which you have a lovely view of Paris including the Seine and Notre Dame de Paris. You can enjoy your panoramic view with a gastronomic meal.

view from institut arabe

View Institut de Monde arabe, PAris. Photo credit: Jessica Greener

4)The steps of Sacre Coeur

With Montmartre boasting being the highest vantage point in the city, it is no wonder that on any given day or night, you’ll find a slew of tourists (after getting their wrists tied with lucky strings by rather pushy vendors), just hanging out on the steps overlooking the city. I prefer when there is not much of a crowd which means pretty early in the morning.

views of Paris
View Sacre Coeur, Montmartre. Photo credit: Yetunde Oshodi


5)Le Printemps Department store rooftop

After you’ve shopped or at least picked up your eclair au caramel from La Maison du chocolat (or after making your own choux pastries), head up to the rooftop of Printemps. Even the ladies’s restroom (sorry guys), offers a great view of Paris.

views of Paris
View from Printemps department store. Photo credit: Yetunde Oshodi


6)Parc Belleville

Montmartre is not the only hilltop in the city, make your way over to the 20th arrondissement. Not many tourists make their way over to the 20th district of Paris and they are absolutely wrong for not doing so.ย  Created in 1988, the parc Belleville spreads out over 45 000 m2 and offers yet another breathtaking view of Paris.


7)Grande Roueย 

Set up part of the year at Place de la Concorde at the entrance of the Tuileries Gardens and sometimes in the Summer directly inside the Tuileries, the Grand Roue is great fun for adults and kids alike. Soar above the Paris monuments and grab yourself a few picture-perfect shots from the sky. 12 euros for adults and 5 euros for kids under 5. Find it inside the Tuileries Garden.


views of Paris
View from Printemps’s rooftop. Photo credit: Yetunde Oshodi


So I encourage you to take to the skies and view the beautiful city of Paris from above. Feel free to share some of your favorite viewpoints in the comments.

Bonne visite!

After or even before you’ve indulged in these amazing views of Paris, why not come up to Montmartre and join us for a hands-on French cooking class. It will change your view on how difficult or not French cuisine can be.


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